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Divvy Bicycle Stations - Historical

Divvy Bicycle Stations - Historical

Historical availability of bicycles and docks to return bicycles at the Divvy stations ( For the current list of stations, see For real-time status of stations in machine-readable format, see

Due to a change in the data source, discussed at, records between 7/7/2019 and 12/9/2019 are missing.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
RecordrecordrecordTextA combination of ID (indicating station) and Timestamp (indicating when the record was recorded) to uniquely identify the record
TimestamptimestamptimestampCalendar dateThe date and time the record was recorded.
Station Namestation_namestation_nameTextThe name of the station.
AddressaddressaddressTextThe street address of the station. This value is not available after 7/7/2019.
IDididNumberA unique station identifier.
StatusstatusstatusTextThe status of the station. Stations "In Service" are available for use.
Available Bikesavailable_bikesavailable_bikesNumberNumber of bicycles available to be rented.
Available Docksavailable_docksavailable_docksNumberNumber of docks available to receive a returned bicycle.
Percent Fullpercent_fullpercent_fullNumberPercentage of the docks in service containing an available bike. N/A (denominator is zero) values are indicated by either blank or -1.
LongitudelongitudelongitudeNumberThe longitude of the station.
Docks in Servicedocks_in_servicedocks_in_serviceNumberExcludes docks taken out of service. Calculated as the number of docks reported as containing available bicycles or available to receive returned bicycles.
Total Dockstotal_dockstotal_docksNumberTotal docks in the station. Each dock can accommodate one bicycle.
LatitudelatitudelatitudeNumberThe latitude of the station.
LocationlocationlocationPointThe location of the station in a format that allows for creating maps in this data portal and performing some types of geographic analysis.

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