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Employee Reimbursements

This information is derived from payments made to City of Chicago employees from January 1 of the previous calendar year to the present. Payments are initiated by City Departments and issued by the Department of Finance. Descriptions of each attribute follow:

  • Voucher Number: This is a unique number assigned to each payment and is used for identifying that particular payment.
  • Amount: This is the dollar amount of the payment made.
  • Payment Date: This is the date payment was issued.
  • Vendor Name: This is the name of the person or entity to which payment was made.
  • Description: This is an optional field that indicates the reason payment was made.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
VOUCHER NUMBERvoucher_numbervoucher_numberText
PAYMENT DATEpayment_datepayment_dateCalendar date
VENDOR NAMEvendor_namevendor_nameText
Upstream Metadata