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Life Safety Evaluations (Deprecated 2015)

OUTDATED. This dataset will not be updated further due to changes in how the source data are maintained. For more information on the City’s life safety ordinance, see and the contact information on that page. -- This dataset is a listing of the report status of all residential buildings required to submit a Life Safety Evaluation under city ordinance. Because the Chicago building code has since 1975 required new high-rise residential buildings to be constructed with sprinkler systems, the Life Safety Ordinance mostly impacted high-rise residential buildings constructed prior to 1975. This dataset does not describe the overall safety of a building, only whether or not the life safety evaluation was submitted and approved by the City of Chicago. Please note that the majority of reports “failed” initially as a result of a new reporting process and changes to building standards.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Building Street Numberbuilding_street_numberbuilding_street_numberText
Building Street Directionbuilding_street_directionbuilding_street_directionText
Building Street Namebuilding_streetbuilding_streetText
Report Status - Original LSE Report Approvedoriginal_lse_report_approvedoriginal_lse_report_approvedText
Inspection Status - Date Passedlse_report_reviewed_on_datelse_report_reviewed_on_dateCalendar date
Scheduled Inspection Datescheduled_inspection_datescheduled_inspection_dateCalendar date
Inspection Status - Inspection Resultsresults_of_lse_committee_reviewresults_of_lse_committee_reviewText
Construction Status (Self-Reported by Building Representative)self_reported_by_building_representativeself_reported_by_building_representativeText
Report Status - LSE Report Resubmittedlse_report_submittedlse_report_submittedText
Rescheduled Inspection Daterescheduled_inspection_daterescheduled_inspection_dateCalendar date
Building Street Type Ibuilding_street_type_ibuilding_street_type_iText
Report Status - Resubmitted Report Approvedresubmitted_report_approvedresubmitted_report_approvedText
Installing a full sprinkler system instead of an alternative LSE Compliance scope of work (Self-Reported by Building Representative)installing_a_full_sprinkler_system_instead_of_an_alternative_lse_compliance_scope_of_work_self_reported_by_building_representativeinstalling_a_full_sprinkler_system_instead_of_an_alternative_lsText
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