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Lobbyist Data - Contributions

Political contributions by registered lobbyists, who must report every political contribution made to any candidate for City office, any elected official of the City, and any official or employee of the City seeking election to an office other that a City office during the reporting period.

See for more information on the Board of Ethics' role in regulating and reporting on lobbying in Chicago.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
CREATED_DATEcreated_datecreated_dateCalendar dateThe date the record was created.
LOBBYIST_IDlobbyist_idlobbyist_idNumberA unique identifier for the lobbyist record. This ID can be used to link records in other datasets that contain an ID column with the same name.
CONTRIBUTION_DATEcontribution_datecontribution_dateCalendar date
PERIOD_ENDperiod_endperiod_endCalendar dateEnd of the reporting period for which this record was created.
PERIOD_STARTperiod_startperiod_startCalendar dateStart of the reporting period for which this record was created.
CONTRIBUTION_IDcontribution_idcontribution_idNumberA unique identifier for the contribution record.
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