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Public Chauffeurs

Public Chauffeurs

List of City of Chicago licensed Public Chauffeurs, who may operate a licensed Taxicab, Livery, or Horse-Drawn Carriage. For questions or issues regarding this dataset, please e-mail with chauffeur name, number, and question or issue. For more information on the Public Chauffeur program, please see


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
ExpiresexpiresexpiresTextThe date (month/year) the license expired or will expire.
License NumberlicenselicenseNumberThe Public Chauffeur license number issued to the licensee.
Driver Typedriver_typedriver_typeTextThe type of public passenger vehicle the licensee is authorized to operate (Taxi, Livery Only, or Horse-Drawn Only).
NamenamenameTextThe name of the person issued the Public Chauffeur license.
Status Datestatus_datestatus_dateCalendar dateThe date the license status was last updated.
Original Issue Dateissue_dateissue_dateCalendar dateThe date the licensee was issued his/her first Public Chauffeur license under the indicated license number.
StatusstatusstatusTextThe current status of the license (Active, Hold, Suspended, Denied, Revoked, Inactive).
RenewedrenewedrenewedTextThe date (month/year) the license was last renewed.
License Typelicense_typelicense_typeTextThe license term issued to the licensee (Permanent with a one-year term or Temporary with a defined term less than one year).
Chauffeur StatestatestateText
Chauffeur CitycitycityText

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