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Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Annual Report - Analysis of Special Tax Allocation Fund

Analysis on the annual TIF report to show the revenue, expenditures and changes in the fund balance for each TIF district during the Reporting Year.

For the detailed reports for each TIF district for each year, please see


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Report Yearreport_yearreport_yearNumberCalendar year to which the record applies
Municipal - Currentmunicipal_currentmunicipal_currentNumberRevenue from property, sales, and other taxes and transfers from federal and state governments in the report year
Descriptions of Project Costs to be Paiddescriptions_of_project_costs_to_be_paiddescriptions_of_project_costs_to_be_paidTextType of project to where funds were previously allocated but not yet spent
Cash Expensescash_expensescash_expensesNumberTotal amount of cash expenditures in the report year
Bond - Cumulativebond_cumulativebond_cumulativeNumberBond proceeds deposited from creation through the report year
Amount of Original Debt Issuanceamount_of_original_debt_issuanceamount_of_original_debt_issuanceNumberThe original amount of debt issued
Interest - Cumulativeinterest_cumulativeinterest_cumulativeNumberSum of all interest earnings to date
Land/Building - Currentland_building_currentland_building_currentNumberRevenue from the sale of land/buildings that was used for industrial, residential, commercial or institutional purposes in the report year
Land/Building - Cumulativeland_building_cumulativeland_building_cumulativeNumberSum of all land/building sales revenue to date
Surplus/Deficitsurplus_deficitsurplus_deficitNumberTIF balance at end of report year
Fund Balancefund_balancefund_balanceNumberThe TIF balance at end of report Year
Description of Debt Obligationsdescription_of_debt_obligationsdescription_of_debt_obligationsTextType of debt owed by municipality in the report year
Property Tax Increment - Cumulativeproperty_tax_increment_cumulativeproperty_tax_increment_cumulativeNumberSum of all property tax incremental revenue generated from creation through the end of the report year
Amount Designated - Project Costsamount_designated_project_costsamount_designated_project_costsNumberTotal amount of funding allocated for projects costs
Transfers - Municipaltransfers_municipaltransfers_municipalNumberRevenue transferred from other municipal sources in the report year
Bond - Currentbond_currentbond_currentNumberProceeds from municipal and/or alternate revenue bonds deposited in the report year
Private - Currentprivate_currentprivate_currentNumberRevenue generated from a private sector entity in given report year
Note - Currentnote_currentnote_currentNumberProceeds from Notes deposited in the report year
Note - Cumulativenote_cumulativenote_cumulativeNumberNote proceeds deposited from creation through the report year
Tax Allocation Fund Balancetax_allocation_fund_balancetax_allocation_fund_balanceNumberThe TIF balance at beginning of report year.
Municipal - Cumulativemunicipal_cumulativemunicipal_cumulativeNumberSum of Revenue from Municipal to date
TIF Districttif_districttif_districtTextRedevelopment project area
Amount Designated - Debt Obligationsamount_designated_debt_obligationsamount_designated_debt_obligationsNumberTotal amount of funding allocated for debt obligations
Interest - Currentinterest_currentinterest_currentNumberInterest earnings on the Tax Allocation Fund Balance in the report year
TIF Numbertif_numbertif_numberTextThe unique, numeric ID assigned to the TIF district.
Net Incomenet_incomenet_incomeNumberGross income minus taxes and other deductions in the report year
Revenue from Private Sourcesrevenue_from_private_sourcesrevenue_from_private_sourcesNumberSum of all private sector revenue to date
Total Expendituretotal_expendituretotal_expenditureNumberTotal amount of expenditures in the report year
Property Tax Increment - Currentproperty_tax_increment_currentproperty_tax_increment_currentNumberAmount of increment property tax revenue generated in a redevelopment area in a given report year
Revenue from Other Sourcesrevenue_from_other_sourcesrevenue_from_other_sourcesNumberRevenue from miscellaneous including note process, bond subsidiaries, non-compliance payment
Distribution of Surplusdistribution_of_surplusdistribution_of_surplusNumberProperty tax increment, not required for the payment of debt obligations or anticipated redevelopment project costs, that is returned to the County Collector for distribution to the taxing districts
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