Annexation Activity

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Annexation Activity

Annexation is when unincorporated property becomes incorporated into the city. This data set contains annexation activity beginning in 1985 to present. Explore the data lens associated with this data set to experience this data through different visualizations.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
YearyearyearTextYear that the annexation became effective.
Secondary Ordinance/ File Numbersecondary_ordinance_file_numbersecondary_ordinance_file_numberText
No Votesno_votesno_votesTextIf the annexation type was referendum, this is the amount of votes not in favor of the annexation.
DevelopmentdevelopmentdevelopmentTextWhether the property was developed or undeveloped at the time of annexation.
Population at time of annexationpopulation_at_time_of_annexationpopulation_at_time_of_annexationNumber
Primary Ordinance/ File Numberprimary_ordinance_file_numberprimary_ordinance_file_numberText
Effective Dateeffective_dateeffective_dateTextIf the annexation was successful, this is the date that it officially became part of Gainesville.
Yes Votesyes_votesyes_votesTextIf the annexation type was referendum, this is the amount of votes in favor of the annexation.
SuccesssuccesssuccessTextIf the annexation was successful.