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City Vehicles Fuel Consumption - October 2011 to Present

Fuel consumption of city vehicles by month - by department - by fuel type (Including General Government and Gainesville Regional Utilities).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Consumption in Gallonsconsumption_gallonsconsumption_gallonsNumberGallons of diesel or unleaded gasoline consumed by the department's fleet.
DatemonthmonthCalendar dateLast day of the month of fuel consumption.
Total Costtotal_costtotal_costNumberTotal cost of fuel in dollars.
Department Numberdepartment_numberdepartment_numberTextDepartment's fleet identification code.
Fuel Typefuel_typefuel_typeTextDiesel or unleaded.
Department Descriptiondepartment_descriptiondepartment_descriptionTextName of the department's fleet.
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