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2001 - 2013 Graduation Outcomes

2001 - 2013 Graduation Outcomes

New York City Department of Education 2001 - 2013 Graduation Outcomes.

The New York State calculation method was first adopted for the Cohort of 2001(class of 2005). The cohort consists of all students who first entered 9th grade in a given school year. Graduates are defined as those students earning either a Local or Regents diploma.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Cohort Yearcohort_yearcohort_yearNumber
School Nameschool_nameschool_nameText
% of grads 1of_grads_1of_grads_1Text
Dropout #dropoutdropoutText
Cohort #cohort_1cohort_1Number
% of cohort 6of_cohort_6of_cohort_6Text
% of gradsof_gradsof_gradsText
Regents without Advanced#regents_without_advancedregents_without_advancedText
% of cohort 5of_cohort_5of_cohort_5Text
% of cohort 3of_cohort_3of_cohort_3Text
Total Regents #total_regentstotal_regentsText
% of cohort 1of_cohort_1of_cohort_1Text
Advanced Regents #advanced_regentsadvanced_regentsText
% of cohortof_cohortof_cohortText
Toal Grads #toal_gradstoal_gradsText
% of grads 2of_grads_2of_grads_2Text
Still Enrolled #still_enrolledstill_enrolledText
% of cohort 4of_cohort_4of_cohort_4Text
% of cohort 2of_cohort_2of_cohort_2Text
Local #locallocalText
% of grads 3of_grads_3of_grads_3Text

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