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2010 - 2016 School Safety Report

Since 1998, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) has been tasked with the collection and maintenance of crime data for incidents that occur in New York City public schools. The NYPD has provided this data to the New York City Department of Education (DOE). The DOE has compiled this data by schools and locations for the information of our parents and students, our teachers and staff, and the general public.

In some instances, several Department of Education learning communities co-exist within a single building. In other instances, a single school has locations in several different buildings. In either of these instances, the data presented here is aggregated by building location rather than by school, since safety is always a building-wide issue. We use “consolidated locations” throughout the presentation of the data to indicate the numbers of incidents in buildings that include more than one learning community.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
AvgOfMajor Navgofmajor_navgofmajor_nTextaverage of major crimes for all buildings that have the same EnGroupA/Range A
Community Boardcommunity_boardcommunity_boardNumber
Council Districtcommunity_councilcommunity_councilNumber
RegisterregisterregisterTextNumber of students on register
Building Codebuilding_codebuilding_codeText
NoCrim Nnocrim_nnocrim_nTextnumber of non-criminal crimes
School Yearschool_yearschool_yearText
AvgOfOth Navgofoth_navgofoth_nTextaverage of other crimes for all buildings that have the same EnGroupA/Range A
BoroughboroughboroughTextNYC Boro the location is situated in
Vio Nvio_nvio_nTextnumber of violent crimes
Oth Noth_noth_nTextnumber of other crimes
Borough Nameborough_nameborough_nameText
AvgOfVio Navgofvio_navgofvio_nTextaverage of violent crimes for all buildings that have the same EnGroupA/Range A
Census Tractcensus_tractcensus_tractNumber
Location Namelocation_namelocation_nameTextthe name by which the organization is known. For a learning community, it is the official title of the school.
AddressaddressaddressTextthe school’s address (building number and street name).
Building Namebuilding_namebuilding_nameTextthe official name of the building a school is located in
AvgOfNoCrim Navgofnocrim_navgofnocrim_nTextaverage of non-criminal crimes for all buildings that have the same EnGroupA/Range A
# SchoolsschoolsschoolsTextnumber of schools in in the building
RangeArangearangeaTextbuilding population
ENGroupAengroupaengroupaTextgroup name that the building population falls under
Prop Nprop_nprop_nTextnumber of property crimes
Schools in Buildingschools_in_buildingschools_in_buildingTextnames of the schools in the buildings
Major Nmajor_nmajor_nTextnumber of major crimes
Geographical District Codegeographical_district_codegeographical_district_codeTextthe school’s geographical district as defined by the NYC Department of Education.
Location Codelocation_codelocation_codeTexta unique identifier that can include schools, administrative offices, learning communities, etc. When the Learning_Community_Name = ‘School’, the Location_Code is a combination of the borough code and the school number.
AvgOfProp Navgofprop_navgofprop_nTextaverage of property crimes for all buildings that have the same EnGroupA/Range A
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