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9/11 Authorized Bus Parking Permit

Parking Permits issued to Motor Coach Tour Bus operators to park in designated metered bus parking spaces below Houston Street from River to River to visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
PermitNumberpermitnumberpermitnumberTextNumber of Permit with Prefix
ReservationNumberreservationnumberreservationnumberTextThe unique identification number assigned to reservation holder
Valid Datevalid_datevalid_dateCalendar dateTime Permit is Valid
BusArrivalTimebusarrivaltimebusarrivaltimeTextTime the bus arrives to the designated location
PermitQtypermitqtypermitqtyNumberNumber of permits issued
ReturnreturnreturnTextThe permit was returned back to DOT
ZipCodezipcodezipcodeTextThe applicant's postal zip code
IssueDateissuedateissuedateCalendar dateDate permit was issued
PlaceRecieptHereplacereciepthereplacereciepthereTextPrints out "Place Receipt Here" on Permit
ReturnDatereturndatereturndateCalendar dateThe date the permit was returned back to DOT
CitycitycityTextThe city of the applicant
NumberOfBusesnumberofbusesnumberofbusesNumberNumber Of Buses Used For Permit
ConditionRestrictionsconditionrestrictionsconditionrestrictionsTextIndicates conditions of Meter Receipt
DayOfWeekdayofweekdayofweekTextDay of Week
CompanyNamecompanynamecompanynameTextName of Tour group, school or Bus company
QtyReturnqtyreturnqtyreturnNumberNumber of permits returned back to DOT
PermitYearpermityearpermityearNumberYear Permit Valid
PermitTypepermittypepermittypeTextThe type of permit issued to the applicant
StatestatestateTextThe state of the applicant
PermitNopermitnopermitnoNumberNumber of Permit without Prefix
VehicleTypevehicletypevehicletypeTextThe type of vehicle
BusCompanyNamebuscompanynamebuscompanynameTextName of the Bus Company
  • 911_authorized_bus_parking_permit
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