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ACRIS - Document Control Codes

ACRIS Document Type and Class Code mappings for Codes in the ACRIS Real and Personal Property Master Datasets


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
DOC. TYPE DESCRIPTIONdoc__type_descriptiondoc__type_descriptionTextDocument type description
CLASS CODE DESCRIPTIONclass_code_descriptionclass_code_descriptionTextDocument class description
PARTY3 TYPEparty3_typeparty3_typeTextParty type 3 name for this document type
RECORD TYPErecord_typerecord_typeText‘D’ for Document control type record
PARTY2 TYPEparty2_typeparty2_typeTextParty type 2 name for this document type
PARTY1 TYPEparty1_typeparty1_typeTextParty type 1 name for this document type
DOC. TYPEdoc__typedoc__typeTextDoc_type code
  • acris_document_control_codes
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