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Active Projects - Infrastructure (Historical)

List of currently active infrastructure projects including description and high level schedule and budget range.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
PhasephasephaseTextA particular stage in project process
DivisiondivisiondivisionTextNature of a project / Division at DDC that is in charge of the project: e.g.) Infrastructure / Public Buildings
ScopescopescopeTextSimilar to or more detailed project description
Dollar Amountdollar_amountdollar_amountTextRough estimate of project cost
StatusstatusstatusTextSimple status of a project
Projected Construction Completionprojected_construction_completionprojected_construction_completionCalendar dateProjected date for the completion of a construction or a project
Client Agencyclient_agencyclient_agencyTextName of the agency to which a project belongs to
DescriptiondescriptiondescriptionTextProject description indicating type(s) and/or location(s)
Project IDproject_idproject_idTextProject Identification Number
Upstream Metadata