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Additional Costs Allocation

Additional Costs Allocation

Additional agency costs for Pension, Fringe Benefits and Debt Service that are included in the Pensions, Miscellaneous Budget and Debit Service agencies. Dollars are In thousands. This data set is updated annually.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
ACTUAL\PLANact_plnact_plnTextActual or Planned expenditures
FISCAL YEARfisc_yrfisc_yrTextFour Digit Year
AGENCY CODEagy_cdagy_cdText3-digit code which identifies an agency (e.g. 056 is the Police Department).
TOTAL AMOUNTttl_amtttl_amtNumberTotal expenditures
INTRA-CITY AMOUNTic_amtic_amtNumberIntra-City dollars
PUBLICATION DATEpub_dtpub_dtText8-digit number for date of publication
COST CATEGORYcst_catcst_catTextType of Cost
AGENCY NAMEagy_nmagy_nmTextDescriptive name associated with the 3-digit code (e.g. "Police Department, Fire Department").
CITY AMOUNTcity_amtcity_amtNumberCity Tax Levy dollars

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