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Agency Voter Registration Activity

Section 1057-a of the New York City Charter requires certain agencies to engage in and report on voter registration activities. This dataset captures how many voter registration applications each agency has distributed, how many applications agency staff sent to the Board of Elections, how many staff each agency trained to distribute voter registration applications, whether or not the agency hosts a link to on its website and if so, how many clicks that link received during the reporting period.

Some agencies distribute voter registration applications during the course of a direct interaction with a member of the public and other agencies distribute applications passively, such as making the applications available in waiting rooms. This makes it difficult in some cases to ascertain the exact number of voter registration forms distributed. Applications sent to the Board of Elections only captures those sent by agency staff. Individuals may also choose to send in the application themselves. These applications are not counted towards the total number of applications sent to the Board of Elections.

Data is reported by agencies to the Mayor’s Office of Operations twice a year. The first reporting period covers January 1 to June 30; the second reporting period covers July 1 to December 31.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
AgencyagencyagencyTextCity Charter Section 1057-a describes which agencies are required to engage in and report on voter registration activities: Aging, Business Integrity Commission, Children's Services, City Planning, Civilian Complaint Review Board, Commission on Human Rights, Small Business Services, Citywide Administrative Services, Consumer Affairs, Correction, Cultural Affairs, Environmental Protection, Finance, Fire, Health and Mental Hygiene, Homeless Services, Housing Preservation and Development, Human Resources Administration, Parks and Recreation, Probation, Records and Information Services, Taxi and Limousine Commission, Transportation, and Youth and Community Development.
People Servedpeople_servedpeople_servedTextThe estimated number of individuals served by the agency, at all locations where the application is offered, during the reporting period.
Staff Trainedstaff_trainedstaff_trainedTextNumber of agency front-line staff trained to administer voter registration forms.
Web Clicksweb_clicksweb_clicksTextThe number of times an agency website visitor has clicked the weblink.
Beginning of Reporting Periodbeginning_of_reporting_periodbeginning_of_reporting_periodCalendar dateThe date on which the reporting period begins.
End of Reporting Periodend_of_reporting_periodend_of_reporting_periodCalendar dateThe date on which the reporting period ends.
Agency Weblink to NYC Votes (Y/N)agency_weblink_to_nyc_votesagency_weblink_to_nyc_votesTextIndicates whether the agency provides a weblink to on its website.
Applications sent to BOE by Agencyapplications_sent_to_boeapplications_sent_to_boeTextNumber of completed voter registration forms collected by the agency and transmitted to the Board of Elections.
Applications Distributedapplications_distributedapplications_distributedTextNumber of postage paid voter registration forms distributed to agency clients.
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