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Air Quality

Dataset contains information on New York City air quality surveillance data.

Air pollution is one of the most important environmental threats to urban populations and while all people are exposed, pollutant emissions, levels of exposure, and population vulnerability vary across neighborhoods. Exposures to common air pollutants have been linked to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and premature deaths. These indicators provide a perspective across time and NYC geographies to better characterize air quality and health in NYC. Data can also be explored online at the Environment and Health Data Portal:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Start_Datestart_datestart_dateCalendar dateDate value for the start of the time_period; Always a date value; could be useful for plotting a time series
MeasuremeasuremeasureTextHow the indicator is measured
Indicator IDindicator_idindicator_idNumberIdentifier of the type of measured value across time and space
Unique IDunique_idunique_idTextUnique record identifier
Geo Place Namegeo_place_namegeo_place_nameTextNeighborhood name
NamenamenameTextName of the indicator
Geo Type Namegeo_type_namegeo_type_nameTextGeography type; UHF' stands for United Hospital Fund neighborhoods; For instance, Citywide, Borough, and Community Districts are different geography types
Geo Join IDgeo_join_idgeo_join_idTextIdentifier of the neighborhood geographic area, used for joining to mapping geography files to make thematic maps
MessagemessagemessageTextnotes that apply to the data value; For example, if an estimate is based on small numbers we will detail here
Measure Infomeasure_infomeasure_infoTextInformation (such as units) about the measure
Data Valuedata_valuedata_valueNumberThe actual data value for this indicator, measure, place, and time
Time Periodtime_periodtime_periodTextDescription of the time that the data applies to ; Could be a year, range of years, or season for example
  • air_quality
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