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Air Quality Testing at Saratoga Village

Air Quality Testing at Saratoga Village


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Humidity1 (%)humidity1humidity1TextAmbient humidty at first measurement
Temp2 (°F)temp2_ftemp2_fTextAmbient temperature at second measurement
Temp3 (°F)temp3_ftemp3_fTextAmbient temperature at third measurement
Time1time1time1TextTime first measurement was taken
Time2time2time2TextTime second measurement was taken
Observations3observations3observations3TextSite observations from the third measurement
Sample Locationsample_locationsample_locationTextLocation in the building the measurements were taken
Time3time3time3TextTime third measurement was taken
VOCs2 (ppm)vocs2_ppmvocs2_ppmTextVOC Level of second measurement
Observations1observations1observations1TextSite observations from the first measurement
Observations2observations2observations2TextSite observations from the second measurement
VOCs3 (ppm)vocs3_ppmvocs3_ppmTextVOC Level of third measurement
Humidity3 (%)humidity3humidity3TextAmbient humidity at third measurement
Humidity2 (%)humidity2humidity2TextAmbient humidity at second measurement
DatedatedateCalendar dateDate the readings were taken
Temp1 (°F)temp1_ftemp1_fNumberAmbient temperature at first measurement
VOCs1 (ppm)vocs1_ppmvocs1_ppmTextVOC Level of first measurement

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