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Asset Management Executive Summary - State of Good Repair Needs (Capital Eligible)

Asset Management Executive Summary - State of Good Repair Needs (Capital Eligible)

This dataset contains information for a select number of agencies. It shows the estimated spending necessary to preserve the structural integrity for each of their fixed assets which meet the criteria for capital eligibility. The numbers can be summarized by Agency to match the Asset Management Executive Summary publication. Amounts are rounded to the nearest thousand. The dataset is updated once a year.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Six Year Costsix_yr_cstsix_yr_cstNumberCumulative needs in Window of Six Fiscal Years Beyond Plan
First of Six Yearsfst_fy_six_yrfst_fy_six_yrNumberFirst Fiscal Year of Six Year Window
Agency Nameagy_nameagy_nameTextName identifying the owning Agency
Publication Datepub_datepub_dateTextThe date on which the report was published
Discipline or Systemdiscpln_sysdiscpln_sysTextDescriptive identifier of structural element or system
Agency Numberagy_numagy_numTextNumeric identifier of the owning Agency
First of Four Yearsfst_fy_four_yrfst_fy_four_yrNumberFirst Fiscal Year of Four Year Window
Four Year Costfour_yr_cstfour_yr_cstNumberCumulative needs in Window of Four Year Fiscal Plan

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