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Benefits and Programs API (Historical)

This is historical data.

This dataset is no longer being updated and is only here as a historical record. You can access version 2 of this dataset here, which has updated information and a new data schema. Reach out to if you have any questions about the recent updates.

This dataset provides benefit, program, and resource information for over 40 health and human services available to NYC residents. The data is kept up-to-date, including the most recent applications, eligibility requirements, and application dates. Information in this dataset is used on <a href="">ACCESS NYC</a> and <a href="">Growing Up NYC</a>.

For current information, please visit <a href="">Benefits and Programs API</a>


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
URL of PDF application formsurl_of_pdf_application_formsurl_of_pdf_application_formsTextLink to download the PDF application form.
datedatedateCalendar date
Get help by emailget_help_by_emailget_help_by_emailTextHow to get help/questions answered by email from the administering agency.
Get help onlineget_help_onlineget_help_onlineTextHow to get help online, with link(s) to the administering agency's website.
Apply online call to actionapply_online_call_to_actionapply_online_call_to_actionTextCall to action phrase for applying online (e.g. "Apply online," "File online").
Brief excerptbrief_excerptbrief_excerptTextOne sentence description of program.
Age Groupage_groupage_groupTextTarget age group for program.
Population servedpopulation_servedpopulation_servedTextTarget population for program.
Program nameprogram_nameprogram_nameTextOfficial name of program (e.g. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).
Program categoryprogram_categoryprogram_categoryTextType of program.
Unique ID numberunique_id_numberunique_id_numberTextUnique identifier.
Program codeprogram_codeprogram_codeTextCode used for screening in ACCESS NYC ONLY.
Office locations URLoffice_locations_urloffice_locations_urlTextLink to location finder on ACCESS NYC - where map of in-person application centers is available.
Government agencygovernment_agencygovernment_agencyTextName of administering government agency(ies).
URL of online applicationurl_of_online_applicationurl_of_online_applicationTextLink to the online application for the program.
Plain language eligibilityplain_language_eligibilityplain_language_eligibilityTextPlain language overview of the eligibility requirements for the program.
Get help in personget_help_in_personget_help_in_personTextHow to get help in person, with a link to the administering agency's in-person centers (ACCESS NYC locations page), or the address for the center.
How to apply or enroll online?how_to_apply_or_enroll_onlinehow_to_apply_or_enroll_onlineTextInstructions for how to apply to the program online.
How to apply summaryhow_to_apply_summaryhow_to_apply_summaryTextSummary of the different ways to apply for the program.
Apply by mail call to actionapply_by_mail_call_to_actionapply_by_mail_call_to_actionTextCall to action phrase for applying by mail (usually "Download the form").
Page typepage_typepage_typeTextType of information.
LanguagelanguagelanguageTextLanguage of program information.
How to apply or enroll by phone?how_to_apply_or_enroll_by_phonehow_to_apply_or_enroll_by_phoneTextInstructions for how to apply to the program by phone.
Get help by calling , other than 311get_help_by_calling_other_than_311get_help_by_calling_other_than_311TextHow to get help by calling the administering agency, and the phone number.
Required documents summaryrequired_documents_summaryrequired_documents_summaryTextA summary of the documents required to apply for this program.
Program acronymprogram_acronymprogram_acronymTextAcronym for program (e.g. SNAP).
Get help by calling 311get_help_by_calling_311get_help_by_calling_311TextHow to get help by calling 311 and what to ask for, or 911 for emergencies.
Get help summaryget_help_summaryget_help_summaryTextA summary of the different ways you can get help with this program.
Apply in person call to actionapply_in_person_call_to_actionapply_in_person_call_to_actionTextCall to action phrase for applying in person (e.g. "Find a location").
Plain language program nameplain_language_program_nameplain_language_program_nameTextA plain language name for the program that describes what it is or does (e.g. SNAP = Money to buy food).
How to apply or enroll by mail?how_to_apply_or_enroll_by_mailhow_to_apply_or_enroll_by_mailTextInstructions for how to apply to the program by mail.
Heads upheads_upheads_upTextList of key program attributes/common questions (e.g. facts, application formats, citizenship status, deadlines).
How to apply or enroll in person?how_to_apply_or_enroll_in_personhow_to_apply_or_enroll_in_personTextInstructions for how to apply to the program in person.
Program descriptionprogram_descriptionprogram_descriptionTextPlain language description of what the program is and how it works.
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