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Block Planting

Block Planting

City blocks surveyed for tree planting by NYC Parks foresters.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
BlkPlntblkplntblkplntNumberBlock Planted; whether or not the block has been planted.
tbp_seastbp_seastbp_seasTextTo Be Planted Season; the next season in which the block will be planted.
BlkSurvblksurvblksurvNumberBlock Surveyed; whether or not the block has been surveyed or not by the forester
TBPPlantingContracttbpplantingcontracttbpplantingcontractNumberTo Be Planted Contract; indicates the contract for planned future planting.
StatusstatusstatusNumberStatus; determines the status of the block whether the block has been surveyed and/or has been planted
PlntSeasplntseasplntseasTextPlanted Season; the season the block has been planted
SurveySeassurveyseassurveyseasTextSurvey Season; the season in which the block was surveyed
DoNotPlantdonotplantdonotplantNumberDo Not Plant; whether or not a block is plantable.
stockingstockingstockingNumberStocking; whether or not a block is fully stocked to capacity.
PHYSICALIDphysicalidphysicalidNumberThis attribute is derived from CSCL and is a unique identifier within a borough, assigned to intersection to intersection stretches of a street.
PlantingContractplantingcontractplantingcontractNumberContract name for block planting

Upstream Metadata