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Buildings Subject to HPD Jurisdiction

Pursuant to New York City’s Housing Maintenance Code, the Department of Housing

Preservation and Development (HPD) collects information on multiple dwellings in New York

City, and other buildings that fall under its jurisdiction. HPD’s Buildings Open Data covers all

buildings which meet any of the following criteria:

a. HPD has required the owner to register the building under the Housing Maintenance

Code (HMC)

b. HPD has initiated a litigation action under the HMC

c. HPD has received a complaint for the building

d. HPD has initiated a work order for the purposes of emergency repair, demolition, or

the Alternative Enforcement Program (AEP) for the building

e. HPD has added the property to the AEP program

Buildings are identified by a BuildingID.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
DoBBuildingClassdobbuildingclassdobbuildingclassTextStores DoB building classification codes as augmented by HPD for other than Multiple Dwellings (see DoBBuildingClass below)
RegistrationIDregistrationidregistrationidNumberMultiple dwelling registration number, used by HPD in the master building file to identify a building
LegalClassBlegalclassblegalclassbNumberThe number of rooms in a multiple dwelling without individual baths and kitchens
LegalStorieslegalstorieslegalstoriesNumberNumber of legal stories in building
DoBBuildingClassIDdobbuildingclassiddobbuildingclassidNumberUnique number identifying DoB Building Class Code
HouseNumberhousenumberhousenumberTextAddress information for the building
CensusTractcensustractcensustractTextGeographic area defined by the U.S. Census Bureau for the various decennial censuses
LotlotlotNumberTax lot for building
LowHouseNumberlowhousenumberlowhousenumberTextAddress information for the building
RecordStatusIDrecordstatusidrecordstatusidNumberUnique number for record status
RecordStatusrecordstatusrecordstatusText"The numeric value of the status of this building code (1 = Active, 2 = Inactive, 3 = Pending)"
BoroIDboroidboroidNumberUnique number identifying a borough
BlockblockblockNumberTax block for building
BINbinbinNumberDCP Building Identification Number for building
CommunityBoardcommunityboardcommunityboardNumberUnique number identifying a Community District/Board, which is a political geographical area within a borough of the City of NY
ManagementProgrammanagementprogrammanagementprogramTextContains the current active management program which determines who is responsible for the management of this building
ZipzipzipTextAddress information for the building
LegalClassAlegalclassalegalclassaNumberThe number of apartments in a multiple dwelling
StreetNamestreetnamestreetnameTextAddress information for the building
HighHouseNumberhighhousenumberhighhousenumberTextAddress information for the building
BoroboroboroTextBoro code (1 = Manhattan, 2 = Bronx, 3 = Brooklyn, 4 = Queens, 5 = Staten Island)
BuildingIDbuildingidbuildingidNumberUnique identifier of building
LifeCyclelifecyclelifecycleTextThe stage in the building life cycle
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