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Cash Assistance Engagement Report

Citywide statistics from the HRA Office of Data Reporting and Analysis.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Grouping 2grouping_2grouping_2TextSecond level grouping roll-up
Grouping 4grouping_4grouping_4TextFourth level grouping roll-up
Grouping 6grouping_6grouping_6TextLast level grouping roll-up
Number of Casesnumber_of_casesnumber_of_casesNumberTotal number of cases engaged in this activity as of the date of this report
Indicator Numberindicator_numberindicator_numberNumberThe number assigned to each Engagement Status category in the report
Indicator Nameindicator_nameindicator_nameTextEngagement Status category
DatemonthmonthCalendar datePoint-in-time count as of the last week of the month. Dates are typically as of the last Sunday of the month. Some months could have two datasets if the first of the month falls on a Sunday. When this occurs, the first of the month is taken to represent the state of the previous month.
Grouping 1grouping_1grouping_1TextTop level grouping roll-up
Grouping 3grouping_3grouping_3TextThird level grouping roll-up
Grouping 5grouping_5grouping_5TextFifth level grouping roll-up
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