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Consumer Services Mediated Complaints

This data set features consumer complaints against businesses that were mediated by the DCA Consumer Services Division during the last and current calendar years. It excludes complaints that may have ongoing legal investigations.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
RestitutionrestitutionrestitutionTextTotal amount of consumer restitution secured through mediation.
Building Address Unitbuilding_address_unitbuilding_address_unitTextThe unit number of the business’s address (e.g., Apartment/Suite/Other).
Business Streetbusiness_streetbusiness_streetTextThe street name of the business’s address.
Complaint Resultcomplaint_resultcomplaint_resultTextOutcome of mediation efforts. See Appendix A for further details about complaint results.
Business Zipbusiness_zipbusiness_zipTextThe zip code where the business is located.
SatisfactionsatisfactionsatisfactionTextThis section indicates whether the complaint was mediated to the satisfaction of both the business and consumer. See Appendix A for Yes, No, and NA assignments.
Business Statebusiness_statebusiness_stateTextThe state where the business is located.
Business Buildingbusiness_buildingbusiness_buildingTextThe building number of the business’s address.
Business Citybusiness_citybusiness_cityTextThe city where the business is located.
Mediation Close Datemediation_close_datemediation_close_dateCalendar dateDate mediation ended.
Complainant Zipcomplainant_zipcomplainant_zipTextThe zip code where the individual who filed the complaint is located.
Complaint Typecomplaint_typecomplaint_typeTextIndicates the type of complaint made.
Mediation Start Datemediation_start_datemediation_start_dateCalendar dateDate mediation started. During the mediation process, DCA sends a copy of complaint to the business for written response. Then, mostly over the phone, a DCA mediator speaks with both consumer and the business to reach an agreement and settle the matter.
IndustryindustryindustryTextThe business category of the business against which a complaint has been made.
Business Namebusiness_namebusiness_nameTextName of the business against which a complaint has been made.
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