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COVID-19 Expenditures Report

This dataset includes every expenditure transaction incurred by a City agency under a "CV" budget code. Underlying data is taken directly from the City's Financial Management System (FMS) with very few alterations. Dataset includes accounting entries such as automated accruals and journals. Dollar amounts are in actual dollars. This dataset will be refreshed on a quarterly basis.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Object Code Descriptionobj_descobj_descTextBrief description of the Object Code
Expenditure Amountexp_amountexp_amountNumberDollar amount transacted by the City within this expenditure
Document IDdoc_iddoc_idTextUnique identifier for the expenditure document in FMS
Date of Expendituredate_of_expdate_of_expCalendar dateDate at which the expenditure is incurred
VendorvendorvendorTextThe legal entity or payee (if available) for the expenditure.
Projected Funding Sourceproj_fund_sourceproj_fund_sourceTextThe expected revenue source to be used to cover these costs, including both Federal, State, and City sources.
Budget CodebcbcTextAgency created code allocating funds and associating revenue within a Unit of Appropriation. For COVID-19 related costs, all Budget Codes must start with "CV".
Capital Project Descriptioncap_id_desccap_id_descTextBrief description of the project.
Object Codeobj_codeobj_codeTextObject Codes are part of the accounting structure on payment requests that represent the type of services that are being paid to a City agency's Vendor/Customer.
Unit of Appropriation Descriptionu_a_descu_a_descTextBrief description of the Unit of Appropriation
Agency Codeagy_codeagy_codeTextUnique three-digit code representing each Agency in the City's Financial Management System (FMS).
Budget Object Code Descriptionbc_descbc_descTextBrief description of the Budget Code
Agency Nameagy_nameagy_nameTextThe name of the City agency incurring the cost.
Budget Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearfiscal_yearNumberThe Fiscal Year (June - July) that the cost is associated with.
FMS Contract IDcontract_idcontract_idTextUnique identifier for the contract document in FMS
Capital Project IDcap_idcap_idTextFor a Capital cost, the unique ID for the associated Capital Project.
Object Code Typeobj_typeobj_typeTextIdentifies whether the cost is Personnel Service (PS) or Other Than Personnel Service (OTPS)
Unit of Appropriationu_a_codeu_a_codeTextHighest level measure of spending that has been authorized in the budget by the City Council for specific purposes,
Publication Datepub_dtpub_dtText8-digit number for date of publication
Expenditure Typeexp_typeexp_typeTextIdentifies whether the cost is an Expense or Capital cost.
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