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COVID-19 Loan/Grant Report

This dataset includes small business loans or grants issued for emergency COVID-19 financial assistance. Underlying data is provided by the Department of Small Business Services (SBS). Dollar amounts are in actual dollars. This dataset will be refreshed on a quarterly basis.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Maturity Datemat_datemat_dateCalendar dateFor loans, the maturity date of the loan.
Loan/Grant Amountloan_amtloan_amtNumberAmount for the loan or grant made to the Recipient.
Publication Datepub_dtpub_dtText8-digit number for date of publication
Funding Sourcefunding_sourcefunding_sourceTextAbbreviation for the source of funding. CRF refers to the Coronavirus Relief Fund.
Loan/Grant Numberloan_numloan_numTextSBS identification number for the loan or grant
Service TypetypetypeTextType of service provided, whether a loan or a grant.
Awarding Agencyagy_nameagy_nameTextThe name of the City agency awarding the loan or grant.
Purposeloan_descloan_descTextSBS description for the purpose of the loan or grant.
Funded Datefund_datefund_dateCalendar dateDate of which the loan or grant was funded.
Recipient Namebz_namebz_nameTextLegal name of the recipient of the loan or grant
Recipient Descriptionbz_descbz_descTextBrief description of the type of business
Recipient Zip Codezip_codezip_codeTextZip Code of the Recipient entity.
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