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Updated 1 year ago
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COVID-19 Revenue Report

This dataset includes every revenue source created under a "CV" budget code. Underlying data is taken directly from the City's Financial Management System (FMS). Dollar amounts are in actual dollars. This dataset will be refreshed on a quarterly basis.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Collected Earned Revenuecre_revenuecre_revenueNumberTotal dollar amount of revenue realized through that specific source
Grant Namegrant_namegrant_nameTextName or title of the given revenue source
Current Award Totalgrant_awardgrant_awardNumberCurrent dollar amount awarded to the City through the revenue source. Figures may change as additional grants are obligated.
Revenue Sourcerev_sourcerev_sourceTextUnique identifier in FMS for a source of funding
Publication Datepub_dtpub_dtText8-digit number for date of publication
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