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DCWP Language Line Interpretation Services

Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) believes that limited English proficiency (LEP) should not be a hindrance to accessing the services and information the Agency provides. Without language access services consumers and workers and business with limited English proficiency could face substantial hurdles to knowing their consumer and worker rights; business owners could struggle to navigate the rules and regulations that govern commerce and the workplace in New York City, and potentially struggle to complete the license application process.

DCWP provides telephonic translation services to anyone requesting such assistance. Each month DCWP receives an invoice that records each time a translation request was made and general information in relation to each transaction, including the language requested and the DCWP division which made the request. This dataset is compiles these translation service invoices since January 2016, the earliest date this information is available.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
DATE AND TIME (PST)datedateCalendar dateThe date and time the request for translation services was made; Time of request is recorded in Pacific Standard Time.
LANGUAGElanguagelanguageTextThe language that was requested.
DURATION (Seconds)duration_secondsduration_secondsNumberThe length of the translation service in seconds.
ACCESS CODEaccess_codeaccess_codeTextThe DCWP division through which the request was made; See data dictionary Appendix A for descriptions.
  • dcwp_language_line_interpretation_services
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