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DOB Cellular Antenna Filings

An application to work on an Antenna, a device, usually placed at the highest possible height, that transfers electrical signals across air or wires and can receive, transmit, or broadcast signals to singular or multiple locations.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
ApprovedapprovedapprovedCalendar dateDate when job is approved
AssignedassignedassignedCalendar dateDate when job is assigned to plan examiner
Fully Paidfully_paidfully_paidCalendar dateDate when job is paid and entered
PaidpaidpaidCalendar dateDate when job is paid
Pre- Filing Datepre_filing_datepre_filing_dateCalendar dateDate when job is prefiled
Professional Certprofessional_certprofessional_certTextJob is Professionally Certified by Licensed Professional instead of having it reviewed by Department of Building's Plan Examiners
Applicant License #applicant_license__applicant_license__TextNumber assigned to the skilled trade person/contractor or licensed professional
Job #job__job__TextNumber assigned by DOB to Job Filing
Doc #doc__doc__TextDocument Number
BoroughboroughboroughText1= Manhattan, 2= Bronx, 3 = Brooklyn, 4 = Queens, 5 = Staten Island
Applicant Professional Titleapplicant_professional_titleapplicant_professional_titleTextApplicant's Professional Title
Applicant's Last Nameapplicant_s_last_nameapplicant_s_last_nameTextLast Name of Applicant
Applicant's First Nameapplicant_s_first_nameapplicant_s_first_nameTextFirst Name of Applicant
House #house__house__TextHouse Number of Residence or Commercial Property
Street Namestreet_namestreet_nameTextStreet Name where Property is located
BlockblockblockTextTax block assigned by Department of Finance
LotlotlotTextTax lot assigned by Department of Finance
Bin #bin__bin__TextNumber assigned by City Planning to a specific building
Job Typejob_typejob_typeTextJob Type, based on DOB Job Code (NB-New Building, A1, A2, A3- Alterations 1-3, SG-Sign, etc.)
Owner's Business Nameowner_s_business_nameowner_s_business_nameTextBusiness Name of Property Owner
Owner's Last Nameowner_s_last_nameowner_s_last_nameTextLast Name of property owner
Owner's First Nameowner_s_first_nameowner_s_first_nameTextFirst Name of property owner
Zoning Distr 2zoning_distr_2zoning_distr_2TextZoning Distr 2
Fully Permittedfully_permittedfully_permittedCalendar dateDate when job is fully permitted
Owner Typeowner_typeowner_typeTextOwner Type
Owner Type Descriptionowner_type_descriptionowner_type_descriptionTextOwner Type Description
Initial Costinitial_costinitial_costNumberEstimated cost of job
Special Distr 1special_distr_1special_distr_1TextSpecial Distr 1
DOBRunDatedobrundatedobrundateTextDate when query is run and pushed to Open Data. Could be used to differentiate report dates.
Job Descriptionjob_descriptionjob_descriptionTextJob Description
First Permit Datefirst_permit_datefirst_permit_dateCalendar dateDate of first issuance of permit
Owner's Phone #owner_sphoneowner_sphoneTextOwner's Phone #
Zip Codezip_codezip_codeTextZip Code
Owner's House Streetowner_s__house_streetowner_s__house_streetTextHouse Street of Property Owner
Other Descriptionother_descriptionother_descriptionTextOther Description
OtherotherotherTextOther (X=Yes, Blank=No)
PC Filedpc_filedpc_filedTextApplication Filed electronically, rather than manually
Zoning Distr 3zoning_distr_3zoning_distr_3TextZoning Distr 3
Little elittle_elittle_eTextHazardous
LandmarkedlandmarkedlandmarkedTextL code indicates that the building has been assigned landmark status
Owner's House #owner_shouseowner_shouseTextHouse # of Property Owner
Proposed Occupancyproposed_occupancyproposed_occupancyTextProposed Occupancy
Zoning Distr 1zoning_distr_1zoning_distr_1TextZoning Distr 1
Community - Boardcommunity___boardcommunity___boardText3-digit identifier: Borough code = first position, last 2 = community board
Total Est. Feetotal_est_feetotal_est_feeNumberEstimated fee of job
Existing Occupancyexisting_occupancyexisting_occupancyTextExisting Occupancy
Fee Statusfee_statusfee_statusTextType of Fee
Building Typebuilding_typebuilding_typeText1-2-3 Family or Other
Latest Action Datelatest_action_datelatest_action_dateTextLatest status date
Job Status Descrpjob_status_descrpjob_status_descrpTextStatus code description
Job Statusjob_statusjob_statusTextDOB Status code of job (A-Pre Filed, I-Sign Off, P- Approved, R-Permit Entire) Complete List -
Special Distr 2specialdistr_2specialdistr_2TextSpecial Distr 2
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