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DOB Complaints Received

This is the universe of complaints received by Department of Buildings (DOB). It includes complaints that come from 311 or that are entered into the system by DOB staff.

A Complaint Categories codes can be found at


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Community Boardcommunity_boardcommunity_boardText3-digit identifier: Borough code = first position, last 2 = community board
ZIP Codezip_codezip_codeTextZip code of complaint
Disposition Datedisposition_datedisposition_dateTextDate Complaint was Dispositioned
StatusstatusstatusTextStatus of Complaint
Complaint Numbercomplaint_numbercomplaint_numberTextComplaint number starting with borough code: (1= Manhattan, 2= Bronx, 3 = Brooklyn, 4 = Queens, 5 = Staten Island)
Inspection Dateinspection_dateinspection_dateTextInspection Date of Complaint
Special Districtspecial_districtspecial_districtTextIs Complaint in Special District
Date Entereddate_entereddate_enteredTextDate Complaint was Entered
UnitunitunitTextUnit dispositioning Complaint
Disposition Codedisposition_codedisposition_codeTextDisposition Code of Complaint (A1-Building Violations Served, L1-Partial Stop Work Order,etc.)
Complaint Categorycomplaint_categorycomplaint_categoryTextDOB Complaint Category Codes (01-Accident Construction/Plumbing, etc.)
House Streethouse_streethouse_streetTextHouse Street of Complaint
BINbinbinTextNumber assigned by City Planning to a specific building
House Numberhouse_numberhouse_numberTextHouse Number of Complaint
DOBRunDatedobrundatedobrundateCalendar dateDate when query is run and pushed to Open Data. Could be used to differentiate report dates.
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