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DOB Disciplinary Actions

The Department of Buildings investigates and takes disciplinary action against construction professionals when their conduct violates standards set forth in the New York City Construction Codes. Actions may be taken against individuals who are accused of abusing filing privileges; violating laws, rules, and regulations; performing work that requires a license or registration without a license or registration.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
LICENSE_NOlicense_nolicense_noTextThe number of the license that was affected.
LICENSE_TYPElicense_typelicense_typeTextThe specific type of license that was affected.
YEARyearyearTextThe year that the disciplinary action ocurred.
DATEdatedateTextThe date that the disciplinary action ocurred..
NAMEnamenameTextThe name of the person involved.
COMPANYcompanycompanyTextThe company that the person involved works for.
DISPOSITIONdispositiondispositionTextThe action that was taken.
  • dob_disciplinary_actions
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