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DOB NOW: Build Elevator Permit Applications

This collection contains applications submitted online via "DOB NOW: BUILD" portal by Design Professionals to get an authorization to begin work on an elevator project.


Data in this collection is limited to applications (job filings) related to elevator applications only (also known as ELV1) submitted on DOB NOW, and includes Initial (New), subsequent, and Post Approval Amendment (PAA) filing types.


DOB NOW: BUILD is an online portal that allows users to file for permit applications, check the status of an application, make payments, schedule appointments, and print permits.

This dataset contains general information about the job filing, including location, applicant, type of work and fee information. Each instance of elevator work might have one row/record for the Initial application, as well as one or more Post Approval Amendment. (See Filing_Type field.)


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Owner Cityowner_cityowner_cityTextCity of the Owner
Building Codebuilding_codebuilding_codeTextBuilding code which is single select value
BoroughboroughboroughTextBorough of job location
Owner Stateowner_stateowner_stateTextState of the Owner
Elevator Device TypeelevatordevicetypeelevatordevicetypeTextExpected Values: Accessibility Lift, Conveyor, Dumbwaiter, Elevator, Escalator, Moving Walk, Personnel Hoist
ZIPzipzipTextZip code of the job location
Is In Conjunctionis_in_conjunctionis_in_conjunctionCheckboxFlag: Yes or No
BINbinbinTextBuilding Identification Number (BIN) of the job location. Assigned by Department of City Planning.
House Numberhouse_numberhouse_numberTextThe house number of the job location
LotlotlotTextTax lot number of the job location. Assigned by the Department of Finance.
BuildingTypebuilding_typebuilding_typeTextCategory of Building - used for Inconjunction fee. 1,2,3 family - 130$ or other - 225$
Filing Status or Filing Includesfilingstatus_or_filingincludesfilingstatus_or_filingincludesTextIndicates if the filing status includes any other filings
Filing Statusfiling_statusfiling_statusTextIndicates status of the permit application. Example: Permit Issued
Job Numberjob_numberjob_numberTextA 9-digit identifier for the job. The first letter indicates the borough for which the filing is associated, followed by an 8-digit ID number
Applicant Last Nameapplicant_lastnameapplicant_lastnameTextLast name of the applicant
Design Professional First Namedesignprofessional_firstnamedesignprofessional_firstnameTextFirst Name of Design Professional
Owner Business Nameowner_businessnameowner_businessnameTextOwner Information Business Name
Design Professional Addressdesignprofessional_addressdesignprofessional_addressTextStreet address of the Design Professional
Total Construction Floor Areatotal_construction_floortotal_construction_floorText
Applicant License Numberapplicant_license_numberapplicant_license_numberTextApplicant's license number, DOB issues licenses to qualified individuals working in the construction trades in New York City.
Owner First Nameowner_firstnameowner_firstnameTextFirst Name of Owner
Last Objection Datelast_objection_datelast_objection_dateCalendar dateLast Objection date
Signed Off Datesignedoff_datesignedoff_dateCalendar dateSigned Off Date
Design Professional Business NamedesignprofessionaldesignprofessionalTextDesign Professional Business Name
Design Professional Zipdesignprofessional_zipdesignprofessional_zipTextZip code of Design Professional's State
Permit Entire Datepermit_entire_datepermit_entire_dateCalendar datePermit Entire Date
Applicant Business Nameapplicant_businessnameapplicant_businessnameTextName of Applicant Business
Applicant Addressapplicant_addressapplicant_addressTextStreet address of the applicant's firm
Resubmission Dateresubmission_dateresubmission_dateCalendar dateRe-submission Date
BlockblockblockTextTax block number of the job location. Assigned by the Department of Finance.
Owner Typeowner_typeowner_typeTextOwner Type
Filing Numberfiling_numberfiling_numberTextA 2-digit code identifying the filing type
Owner Zipowner_zipowner_zipTextZip of the Owner
Street Namestreet_namestreet_nameTextThe Street Name of the job location
Filing Typefiling_typefiling_typeTextIndicates whether this filing is new, subsequent or Post Approval Amendment (PAA) filing
Total Feetotal_feetotal_feeNumberIndicates total fee amount (quantity * cost)
Disability Certificate Policy Nodisability_policydisability_policyTextInsurance Information Disability Certification/Policy No
Owner Last Nameowner_lastnameowner_lastnameTextLast Name of Owner
Filing Datefiling_datefiling_dateCalendar dateFiling Date; Date and Time Format: '2018-04-25 21:52:00.000'
Design Professional License Numberdesignprofessional_licensedesignprofessional_licenseTextDesign Professional License number, DOB issues licenses to qualified design professionals working in the construction trades in New York City.
Applicant Zipapplicant_zipapplicant_zipTextZIP code of the applicant's firm
Scope of WorkdescriptionofworkdescriptionofworkTextScope of Work
Applicant Stateapplicant_stateapplicant_stateTextState of the applicant's firm
Owner Titleowner_titleowner_titleTextTitle information for Owner
Design Professional Citydesignprofessional_citydesignprofessional_cityTextCity of Design Professional's firm
Applicant First Nameapplicant_firstnameapplicant_firstnameTextFirst name of the applicant
No Good Checkno_good_checkno_good_checkNumberA fee required if first check payment to DOB was rejected / returned
WC Expiration Dateworker_compensationworker_compensationCalendar dateExpiration date of the Workers Compensation insurance policy covering the applicant's firm
Design Professional Last Namedesignprofessional_lastnamedesignprofessional_lastnameTextLast Name of Design Professional
Applicant Cityapplicant_cityapplicant_cityTextCity of the applicant's firm
Electrical Permit Numberelectrical_permit_numberelectrical_permit_numberTextElectrical Permit Number
Job Filling Numberjob_filing_numberjob_filing_numberTextA unique identifier assigned to a job filing. It consists of job number (a letter indicating the borough followed by an 8-digit number) hyphenated with Filing Number (a 2-digit code identifying the filing type). Once the permit is issued, a suffix "-VT" is added to the job filing number. (Example: B00016701-I1-VT)
Associated BIS Job NumberassociatedjobnumberassociatedjobnumberTextAssociated BIS Job Number if applicable;
Asbestos Abatement ComplainceasbestosabatementcomplianceasbestosabatementcomplianceTextAsbestos Abatement Compliance
DEP ACP-5 Control Nodepacp5controlnodepacp5controlnoTextDEP ACP-5 Control No.
General Liabilitygl_companygl_companyTextName of the company providing General Liability insurance to the applicant's firm
GL Certificate Policy Nogl_policygl_policyTextPolicy number of the General Liability insurance covering the applicant's firm
GL Expiration Dategl_expirationdategl_expirationdateCalendar dateExpiration date of the General Liability insurance policy covering the applicant's firm
Building StoriesbuildingstoriesbuildingstoriesTextNumber of Stories in the Building
Plan Examiner Assigned Dateplan_examiner_assigned_dateplan_examiner_assigned_dateCalendar datePlan Examiner Assigned Date
1st Objection Datefirst_objection_datefirst_objection_dateCalendar dateFirst Objection Date
WC Certificate Policy Noworker_compensation_policyworker_compensation_policyTextPolicy number of the Workers Compensation insurance covering the applicant's firm
Design Professional Statedesignprofessional_statedesignprofessional_stateTextState of Design Professional's State
Workers Compensationworker_compensation_companyworker_compensation_companyTextName of the company providing Workers Compensation insurance to the applicant's firm
Disability Expiration Datedisability_expirationdatedisability_expirationdateCalendar dateInsurance Information Disability Expiration Date
Filing Feefiling_feefiling_feeNumberFee required for the job filing
Amount Paidamount_paidamount_paidNumberAmount paid by applicant
Last Incomplete Submission Datelast_incomplete_submissionlast_incomplete_submissionTextLast Incomplete Submission Date
Owner Addressowner_addressowner_addressTextStreet Address of the Owner
Incomplete Dateincomplete_dateincomplete_dateTextIncomplete Date
Estimated Costestimated_costestimated_costNumberEstimated Cost
Amount Dueamount_dueamount_dueNumberBalance remaining
Disabilitydisability_companydisability_companyTextInsurance Information Disability
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