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DOB NOW: Electrical Permit Applications

This dataset is part of the DOB NOW Electrical Permit Data Collection:

This dataset contains general information about the job filing, including location, applicant, type of work and fee information. Each instance of electrical work might have one row/record for the Initial application, as well as one or more Post Approval Amendment or Subsequent Filing. (See Filing_Type field.)


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
HVAC_WIRINGhvac_wiringhvac_wiringTextIndicates whether "HVAC Wiring" category of work is selected
OWNER_ZIPowner_zipowner_zipTextZIP code of the building's owner
CITYcitycityTextCity of the applicant's firm
AMOUNT_DUEamount_dueamount_dueNumberBalance remaining to be paid by applicant
TOTAL_METERStotal_meterstotal_metersNumberIndicates total number of meters (existing meters + new meters - removed meters)
DISABILITY_COMPANY_NAMEdisability_company_namedisability_company_nameTextName of the company providing Disability insurance to the applicant's firm
PERMIT_ISSUED_DATEpermit_issued_datepermit_issued_dateCalendar dateDate and time the permit was issued
OWNER_STATEowner_stateowner_stateTextState of the building's owner
JOB_NUMBERjob_numberjob_numberTextA 9-digit identifier for the job. Should match the first part of the Job Filing Number. The first letter indicates the borough for which the filing is associated, followed by an 8-digit ID number
AUTH_REP_OWNER_RELATIONauth_rep_owner_relationauth_rep_owner_relationTextIndicates type of relationship between the authorized representative and the building's owner. Example: Management Agent
CONST_BIS_JOB_NUMBERconst_bis_job_numberconst_bis_job_numberTextIf this application is related to another job appliation at DOB, the job number will be found here.
FILING_DATEfiling_datefiling_dateCalendar dateDate the filing was created. This should be the earliest date associated with this Job Filing Number.
ZIPzipzipTextZIP code of the applicant's firm
COMMUNITY_BOARDcommunity_boardcommunity_boardTextA 3-digit identifier of the Community Board of the job location
OWNER_CITYowner_cityowner_cityTextCity of the building's owner
WORKER_COMP_COMPANY_NAMEworker_comp_company_nameworker_comp_company_nameTextName of the company providing Workers Compensation insurance to the applicant's firm
GENERAL_LIABILITY_POLICYgeneral_liability_policygeneral_liability_policyTextPolicy number of the General Liability insurance covering the applicant's firm
GENERAL_LIABILITY_EXPIRATION_DATEgeneral_liability_expirationgeneral_liability_expirationCalendar dateExpiration date of the General Liability insurance policy covering the applicant's firm
BUSINESS_NAMEbusiness_namebusiness_nameTextBusiness name of the building's owner
DISABILITY_POLICYdisability_policydisability_policyTextPolicy number of the Disability insurance covering the applicant's firm
DISABILITY_EXPIRATION_DATEdisability_expiration_datedisability_expiration_dateCalendar dateExpiration date of the Disability insurance policy covering the applicant's firm
CATEGORY_WORK_LISTcategory_work_listcategory_work_listText"Includes description of other work category selected by the applicant. "
REMOVE_METERSremove_metersremove_metersNumberIndicates number of meters to be removed by this work
OWNER_FIRST_NAMEowner_first_nameowner_first_nameTextFirst name of the building's owner
FILING_TYPEfiling_typefiling_typeTextIndicates whether this filing is new, subsequent or Post Approval Amendment (PAA) filing
OWNER_LAST_NAMEowner_last_nameowner_last_nameTextLast name of the building's owner
NEW_METERSnew_metersnew_metersNumberIndicates number of meters to be added by this work
FILING_NUMBERfiling_numberfiling_numberTextA 2-digit code identifying the filing type. Should match the last part of the Job Filing Number.
LOTlotlotTextTax lot number of the job location. Assigned by the Department of Finance.
FILING_FEEfiling_feefiling_feeNumberFee required for the job filing
AUTH_REP_FIRST_NAMEauth_rep_first_nameauth_rep_first_nameTextFirst name of the person designated as authorized representative by the building's owner
OWNER_ADDRESSowner_addressowner_addressTextAddress of the building's owner
EXISTING_METERSexisting_metersexisting_metersNumberIndicates number of existing meters in scope of this work
LEGALIZATION_FEElegalization_feelegalization_feeNumberFee required for removal of violations for illegal work
NOGOOD_CHECK_FEEnogood_check_feenogood_check_feeNumberA fee required if first check payment to DOB was rejected / returned
COMPLETION_DATEcompletion_datecompletion_dateCalendar datePlanned end date and time of the work
FILING_STATUSfiling_statusfiling_statusTextIndicates the stage of this filing as it progresses through the permit application process.
STREET_NAMEstreet_namestreet_nameTextThe street name of the job location
BOILER_BURNER_WIRINGboiler_burner_wiringboiler_burner_wiringTextIndicates whether "Boiler Burner Wiring" category of work is selected
REMOVAL_OF_VIO_OR_OWNERremoval_of_vio_or_ownerremoval_of_vio_or_ownerTextIndicates whether this filing is related to removal of violations or owner/occupant objections;
APPLICANT_FIRST_NAMEapplicant_first_nameapplicant_first_nameTextFirst name of the applicant
LICENSE_NUMBERlicense_numberlicense_numberTextApplicant's license number, included in the DOB-issued licenses for qualified professionals in the construction trades
GENERAL_LIABILITY_COMPANYgeneral_liability_companygeneral_liability_companyTextName of the company providing General Liability insurance to the applicant's firm
GENERAL_WIRINGgeneral_wiringgeneral_wiringTextIndicates whether "General Wiring" category of work is selected
TEMP_LIGHT_POWERtemp_light_powertemp_light_powerTextIndicates whether "Temporary Light Power" category of work is selected
ZIP_CODEzip_codezip_codeTextZIP Code of the job location
LICENSE_TYPElicense_typelicense_typeTextType of license issued by DOB to the applicant.
JOB_FILING_NUMBERjob_filing_numberjob_filing_numberTextA unique identifier assigned to a job filing. It consists of job number (a letter indicating the borough followed by an 8-digit number) hyphenated with Filing Number (a 2-digit code identifying the filing type). Once the permit is issued, a suffix "-EL" is added to the job filing number. (Example: M00000001-I1-EL)
TOTAL_BILLABLE_WORK_FEEtotal_billable_work_feetotal_billable_work_feeNumberThe total amount that the applicant will need to pay, including Filing Fee and Legalization Fee, which are paid when the application is first submitted to DOB, as well as all parts fees, which must be paid before the application can marked complete.
3_WIRE_3_wire_3_wireNumberIndicates number of "3 Wire" needed for meter work
AUTH_REP_LAST_NAMEauth_rep_last_nameauth_rep_last_nameTextLast name of the building's owner
BUILDING_USE_TYPEbuilding_use_typebuilding_use_typeTextLetter code and description of the building class
10_POINTS_10_points_10_pointsNumberIndicates number of "10 points" needed for meter work
WORKER_COMP_POLICYworker_comp_policyworker_comp_policyTextPolicy number of the Workers Compensation insurance covering the applicant's firm
BLOCKblockblockTextTax block number of the job location. Assigned by the Department of Finance.
JOB_DESCRIPTIONjob_descriptionjob_descriptionTextA description of the electrical work to be performed. This description will be printed on the work permit.
JOB_STATUSjob_statusjob_statusTextIndicates the overall status of the electrical job.
OWNER_TYPEowner_typeowner_typeTextType of building ownership.
COO_RELATEDcoo_relatedcoo_relatedTextIndicates whether or not this filing will result in a new Certificate of Occupancy
4_WIRE_4_wire_4_wireNumberIndicates number of "4 Wire" needed for meter work
TITLEtitletitleTextTitle of the building's owner
STATEstatestateTextState of the applicant's firm
JOINT_VENTURE_WORKjoint_venture_workjoint_venture_workTextIndicates whether the work will be performed by other licensed firm(s) as a joint venture (As per NYC Electrical Code §27-3014.13)
LIGHTING_WORKlighting_worklighting_workTextIndicates whether "Lighting Work" category of work is selected
SVC_WORK_NOTIFY_UTILITYsvc_work_notify_utilitysvc_work_notify_utilityTextIndicates whether "Service Work / Notify Utility" category of work is selected
BOROUGHboroughboroughTextThe borough of the job location
AMOUNT_PAIDamount_paidamount_paidNumberTotal amount paid by applicant so far.
TEMP_CONSTRUCTION_SVCtemp_construction_svctemp_construction_svcTextIndicates whether "Temporary Construction Service" category of work is selected
JOB_START_DATEjob_start_datejob_start_dateCalendar datePlanned start date and time of the work
WORKER_COMP_EXPIRATION_DATEworker_comp_expiration_dateworker_comp_expiration_dateCalendar dateExpiration date of the Workers Compensation insurance policy covering the applicant's firm
FIRM_ADDRESSfirm_addressfirm_addressTextStreet address of the applicant's firm
FIRM_NUMBERfirm_numberfirm_numberTextFirm number assigned to the applicant's business, corporation, or partnership by DOB
FIRM_NAMEfirm_namefirm_nameTextName of the applicant's firm (business, corporation, or partnership)
HOUSE_NUMBERhouse_numberhouse_numberTextThe house number of the job location
APPLICANT_LAST_NAMEapplicant_last_nameapplicant_last_nameTextLast name of the applicant
PAYMENT_METHODpayment_methodpayment_methodTextMethod used in fee payment
BINbinbinTextBuilding Identification Number (BIN) of the job location. Assigned by Department of City Planning.
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