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DOHMH Childcare Center Inspections

This dataset contains a list of all inspections conducted and any associated violations at active, city-regulated, center-based child care programs and summer camps over the past 3 years. The violations are pre-adjudicated. Violations that are subject to potential penalties (fines) are submitted to NYC Office of Administrative Trials and Hearing where they are adjudicated as either sustained/upheld or dismissed. The dataset also contains additional information on the programs, including license information. For more information on child care in NYC visit:


<em>Note: Due to an ongoing upgrade, this dataset reflects data as of 5/14/2019. We will resume publishing updated data when the upgrade is completed. We apologize for any inconvenience.</em>


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Average Critical Violation RateavgcriticalviolationrateavgcriticalviolationrateNumberCitywide average number of Critical violation categories over 3 years for a Child Care Type.
Violation StatusviolationstatusviolationstatusTextViolation Status - Open, Corrected or N/A.
BoroughboroughboroughTextBorough as per the address of the entity
Average Public Health Hazard Violation RateaveragepublichealthhazardiolationrateaveragepublichealthhazardiolationrateNumberCitywide average number of PHH (Public Health Hazard) violation categories over 3 years for a Child Care Type.
Regulation SummaryregulationsummaryregulationsummaryTextViolation Description Language or null/blank for no violation in the inspection
URLurlurlTextWebsite for the child care center.
StreetstreetstreetTextStreet portion of the address.
BuildingbuildingbuildingTextBuilding portion of the address.
Inspection Summary ResultinspectionsummaryresultinspectionsummaryresultTextThe summary result of the inspection, based on the type of inspection and the number and types of violations.
Permit ExpirationpermitexppermitexpCalendar dateThis field represents the date a permit expired. All Group Child Care Centers (GDC) are permitted for 2 years and Camps for one. (All camps expire automatically on Sept. 15 of the year they opened).
Violation CategoryviolationcategoryviolationcategoryTextViolation Category - Public Health Hazard (violation needs to be fixed within 1 day), Critical (Violation needs to be fixed within 2 weeks), General (Violation needs to be fixed in 30 days) or null/blank for no violation in the inspection
Day Care IDdc_iddc_idTextUnique DOHMH ID
Critical Violation RatecriticalviolationratecriticalviolationrateNumberPercent of Critical violations among all violations issued at initial inspections during the past 3 years. If the same violation is cited multiple times during one inspection, it is counted only once.
Average Violation Rate PercentviolationavgratepercentviolationavgratepercentNumberCitywide average violation rate calculated as percent of Initial Inspections that ended with a Critical or PHH (Public Health Hazrd) violation for a specific Child Care Type. Compare with Violation Rate to see if above or below it peers for a Child Care Type
Public Health Hazard Violation RatepublichealthhazardviolationratepublichealthhazardviolationrateNumberPercent of Public Health Hazard violations among all violations issued at initial inspections during the past 3 years. If the same violation is cited multiple times during one inspection, it is counted only once.
Legal NamelegalnamelegalnameTextThis is the name of the Child Care Center as known to the public (DBA)
ZipCodezipcodezipcodeTextZip code as per the address of the entity
PhonephonephoneTextPhone Number
Maximum CapacitymaximumcapacitymaximumcapacityNumberThe maximum number of children the facility is allowed, based on the square footage of class and play rooms, the number of toilets and sinks, and overall estimates from the NYC Department of Buildings. Enrollment can be higher than the maximum capacity if there are part-time programs.
Permit NumberpermitnumberpermitnumberTextThis is the Permit Number of a Child Care or a Camp. This number is not required for a School Based Child Care or After School Program.
ActualactualactualTextFlag for correct (actual) date of original permit. Some programs pre-date the current DOHMH systems and do not have record of their original permit date. 'Y' indicates that the actual date is available, while 'N' indicates that the program was originally permitted sometime before the DatePermitted.
Program TypeprogramtypeprogramtypeTextProgram Type - Infant Toddler, Preschool, After School, Preschool Camp, School Age Camp, All Age Camp
Center NamecenternamecenternameTextThis is the Legal name of the Entity that permits the Child Care Center
Facility TypefacilitytypefacilitytypeTextFacility Type: FDC - Family Day Care (State licensed), GFDC - Group Family Day Care (State Licensed), SBCC - School Base Child Care (Licensed by NYS, DOE, Charter School or Regents), Camp, SMPG - Summer Program (NYS or NYC licensed), GDC - Group Day Care (NYC DOHMH Permitted), SACC - School Age Child Care (After School - State Licesned)
Building Identification NumberbinbinNumberBuilding Identification Number assigned by the NYC Department of Buildings to the building where the facility is located. If the last 6 digits are '0' then the address was not geocoded and the first digit designates the borough.
StatusstatusstatusTextSBCC: 'Active''; GDC & Camp: 'Permitted', 'Expired-In Renewal', 'Permit Suspended'; SMPG: 'Registered'. There are other statuses, such as Pending (prior to operational status) and OOB (Out of Business), but data are available only for currently operating child care facilities.
Date PermitteddatepermitteddatepermittedCalendar dateEstimated date that the site was orignally permitted, used to calculate the age of the program. See Actual field for additional information.
Health Code Sub SectionhealthcodesubsectionhealthcodesubsectionTextHealth Code Sub Section
Inspection DateinspectiondateinspectiondateCalendar dateInspection Date
Violation Rate PercentviolationratepercentviolationratepercentNumberPercent of Initial Inspections that resulted in at least one Critical or Public Health Hazard (PHH) violation
Age RangeagerangeagerangeTextThis field represents the possible age range of children in the program.
Total Educational WorkerstotaleducationalworkerstotaleducationalworkersNumberCurrent number of Educational Staff in the program, including teachers, assistant teachers, teacher directors and education directors. Note that staff data are updated only upon inspection and may be outdated.
Child Care TypechildcaretypechildcaretypeTextGroup Child Care (GCC) facilities are one of 2 program types: Preschool or Infant/Toddler. All GCC citywide statistics are calculated by type.
Average Total Educational WorkersaveragetotaleducationalworkersaveragetotaleducationalworkersNumberCitywide average total number of Educational Staff in the program - includes teachers, assistant teachers and non administrative directors for a Child Care Type

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