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Emergency Department Visits and Admissions for Influenza-like Illness and/or Pneumonia

Total emergency department visits, and visits and admissions for influenza-like and/or pneumonia illness by modified ZIP code tabulation area of patient residence.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
datedatedateCalendar dateDate of emergency department visit
ili_pne_visitsili_pne_visitsili_pne_visitsNumberCount of influenza-like illness and/or pneumonia visits
extract_dateextract_dateextract_dateCalendar dateDate of data extraction
total_ed_visitstotal_ed_visitstotal_ed_visitsNumberCount of all emergency department visits
mod_zctamod_zctamod_zctaTextModified ZIP Code tabulation area (ZCTA) of patient residence
ili_pne_admissionsili_pne_admissionsili_pne_admissionsNumberCount of influenza-like illness and/or pnuemonia visits admitted to the hospital
  • emergency_department_visits_and_admissions_for
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