Expense Budget--Miscellaneous Expense by Category

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Expense Budget--Miscellaneous Expense by Category

This dataset is to provide expense categories in Miscellaneous Budget. It is provided biannually and the amount is in exact dollar.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
SUBCATEGORY NAMEsubcat_nmsubcat_nmTextSubcategory names under Miscellaneous Budget
PUBLICATION DATEpub_dtpub_dtNumber8-digit number for date of publication
CATEGORY NAMEcat_nmcat_nmTextCategory names under Miscellaneous Budget
CURRENT MODIFIED BUDGET AMOUNTcurr_mod_amtcurr_mod_amtNumberThe Adopted Budget as revised through modification and approval in accordance with the City Charter for current fiscal year
PS OTPS INDICATORps_otps_indps_otps_indTextPersonal Service (P) or Other Than Personal Service (O)
FINANCIAL PLAN AMOUNTfp_amtfp_amtNumberEstimated operating expenditures for the City for the following fiscal year
AGENCY CODEagy_cdagy_cdText3-digit number for agency number
Fiscal Yearfisc_yrfisc_yrNumber4-digit fiscal year associating to current budget phase
ADOPTED BUDGET AMOUNTadp_amtadp_amtNumberFinancial plan amount as of previous Adopted Budget for current fiscal year
AGENCY NAMEagy_nmagy_nmTextAgency name

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