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Expense Financial Plan - Qtr1

This dataset contains agency summary level data for PS, OTPS and Total by type of funds. The dollar amount fields are rounded to the thousands. The Quarter 1 report, published in October or November, contain the current fiscal year plus three out years of data which coincide with the release of the published financial plan.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Year 1 Forecastyear_1_forecastyear_1_forecastNumber
Fiscal Year 1fiscal_year_1fiscal_year_1Number
Agency Nameagency_nameagency_nameText
Agency Numberagency_numberagency_numberText
Year 4 Estimateyear_4_estimateyear_4_estimateNumber
Report Sortreport_sortreport_sortNumber
Publication Datepublication_datepublication_dateNumber
Line Numberline_numberline_numberNumber
Year 3 Estimateyear_3_estimateyear_3_estimateNumber
Year 2 Estimateyear_2_estimateyear_2_estimateNumber
Line Number Descriptionline_number_descriptionline_number_descriptionText
  • expense_financial_plan_qtr1
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