Financial Plan Statements - Obligation

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Financial Plan Statements - Obligation

This dataset shows the expense obligation for the current fiscal year. Data is reported in millions and updated monthly.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
PLANplanplanNumberThe plan amount that is being reported.
FISCAL YEARfisc_yrfisc_yrTextThe fiscal year that is being reported.
AGENCYagenagenTextThe name of the agency that is being reported.
CURRENT/YEAR-TO-DATEcurr_ytdcurr_ytdTextThe current or year-to-date data that is being reported.
PUBLICATION DATEpub_dtpub_dtTextThe date of publication.
MONTHmnthmnthTextThe current month is being reported.
ACTUALactactNumberThe actual amount that is being reported.

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