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For Hire Vehicles (FHV) - Active

<b>PLEASE NOTE:</b> This dataset, which includes all TLC licensed for-hire vehicles which are in good standing and able to drive, is updated every day in the evening between 4-7pm. Please check the 'Last Update Date' field to make sure the list has updated successfully. 'Last Update Date' should show either today or yesterday's date, depending on the time of day. If the list is outdated, please download the most recent list from the link below.

TLC authorized For-Hire vehicles that are active. This list is accurate to the date and time represented in the Last Date Updated and Last Time Updated fields. For inquiries about the contents of this dataset, please email


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
ActiveactiveactivetextPermit active or not
Vehicle License Numbervehicle_license_numbervehicle_license_numbertextFHV Vehicle License Number
NamenamenametextOwner Name
License Typelicense_typelicense_typetextTLC License Type
Expiration Dateexpiration_dateexpiration_datecalendar_dateExpiration Date
Permit License Numberpermit_license_numberpermit_license_numbertextPermit License Number
DMV License Plate Numberdmv_license_plate_numberdmv_license_plate_numbertextDMV License Plate Number
Vehicle VIN Numbervehicle_vin_numbervehicle_vin_numbertextVehicle VIN Number
Wheelchair Accessiblewheelchair_accessiblewheelchair_accessibletextWheelchair Accessible Indicator
Certification Datecertification_datecertification_datecalendar_dateCertification Date
Hack Up Datehack_up_datehack_up_datecalendar_dateHack Up Date
Vehicle Yearvehicle_yearvehicle_yearnumberVehicle Year
Base Numberbase_numberbase_numbertextBase Number
Base Namebase_namebase_nametextBase Name
Base Typebase_typebase_typetextBase Type
VEHvehvehtextHybrid vehicle indicator
Base Telephone Numberbase_telephone_numberbase_telephone_numbertextBase Telephone NumberBase Telephone Number
WebsitewebsitewebsitetextBase Website
Base Addressbase_addressbase_addresstextBase Address
ReasonreasonreasontextReason Code A,B,C or G
Order Dateorder_dateorder_datecalendar_dateDate Suspension ordered
Last Date Updatedlast_date_updatedlast_date_updatedcalendar_dateLast Date Updated
Last Time Updatedlast_time_updatedlast_time_updatedtextLast Time Updated

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