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Forestry Tree Points

Forestry Tree Points

Record of Forestry tree points for NYC Parks & Recreation.

Tree Points and Planting Spaces form the basis of ForMS 2.0’s data inventory and are the core entities that all Service Requests, Inspections, and Work Orders are associated to. The system has built-in rules to ensure that every Tree Point has a Planting Space and each Planting Space can have no more than one active Tree Point at a given time. Locations that have had one tree removed and another tree replanted will appear in ForMS 2.0 as a single Planting Space associated with one retired Tree Point (that has a removal Work Order) and one active Tree Point.

This dataset can be joined to the Forestry Planting Spaces dataset by joining PlantingSpaceGlobalID from Forestry Tree Points to GLOBALID from Forestry Planting Spaces.

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Data dictionary:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Location (city)location_citylocation_cityText
TPStructuretpstructuretpstructureTextIndicates the current physical state of the tree (stump, shaft, or entire tree intact)
Borough Boundaries:@computed_region_yeji_bk3q:@computed_region_yeji_bk3qNumber
Police Precincts:@computed_region_sbqj_enih:@computed_region_sbqj_enihNumber
Community Districts:@computed_region_f5dn_yrer:@computed_region_f5dn_yrerNumber
Location (zip)location_ziplocation_zipText
Zip Codes:@computed_region_efsh_h5xi:@computed_region_efsh_h5xiNumber
UpdatedDateupdateddateupdateddateCalendar dateDate tree point record was last updated
RiskRatingriskratingriskratingTextRisk rating of the most recent risk assessment inspection
City Council Districts:@computed_region_92fq_4b7q:@computed_region_92fq_4b7qNumber
Location (state)location_statelocation_stateText
TPConditiontpconditiontpconditionTextIndicates condition of the tree based on biological health and physical structure
Location (address)location_addresslocation_addressText
GenusSpeciesgenusspeciesgenusspeciesTextTree species, includes gensus and specific epithet plus common name
DBHdbhdbhNumberDiameter of tree at breast height (4.5 feet off the ground)
PlantingSpaceGlobalIDplantingspaceglobalidplantingspaceglobalidTextUnique identifier for planting space associated with tree point
PlantedDateplanteddateplanteddateCalendar dateDate tree was planted
OBJECTIDobjectidobjectidNumberUnique identifier for each tree point
GlobalIDglobalidglobalidTextUnique identifier for each tree point
CreatedDatecreateddatecreateddateCalendar dateDate tree point record was created
RiskRatingDateriskratingdateriskratingdateCalendar dateDate of most recent risk assessment inspection
GeometrygeometrygeometryTextGeometry for planting space in well known text
StumpDiameterstumpdiameterstumpdiameterTextDiameter of exposed stump face

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