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  • summary of agency financial data

Headcount Actuals By Funding Source

Headcount Actuals By Funding Source

Funding of the actual Full-Time and Full-Time equivalent headcount that appears in the Mayor's Message Agency Financial tables. This dataset is updated annually.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
AGENCY CODEagy_cdagy_cdText3-digit code which identifies an agency (e.g. 056 is the Police Department)
FUNDINGfndingfndingTextType of Headcount Funding (Non-City: CD, IFA, State, Federal)
AGENCY NAMEagy_nmagy_nmTextDescriptive name associated with the 3-digit code (e.g. "Police Department, Fire Department")
HEADCOUNThchcNumberNumber of Full-Time and Full-Time Equivalent Positions
PUBLICATION DATEpub_dtpub_dtText8-digit number for date of publication
FISCAL YEARfisc_yrfisc_yrTextFiscal Year

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