Historical Medallion Drivers – Passenger Assistance Trained 2014-2016

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Historical Medallion Drivers – Passenger Assistance Trained 2014-2016

This list contains information on the status of current medallion drivers who had completed Passenger Assistance Training. This list is accurate to the date and time represented in the Last Date Updated and Last Time Updated fields.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Completed Both Trainingcompleted_both_trainingcompleted_both_trainingTextTwo training that were completed by Licensee
Last Date Updatedlast_updated_datelast_updated_dateCalendar dateData set creation date and time
Expiration Dateexpiration_dateexpiration_dateCalendar dateExpiration date of license
Last Time Updatedlast_updated_timelast_updated_timeTextData set creation time in 24 hour format.
License Numberlicense_numberlicense_numberTextTLC Driver License Number
NamenamenameTextTLC Driver Name
TypetypetypeTextTLC License Type

Upstream Metadata