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Internet Master Plan: Broadband Choice and Speed by Census Block

Internet Master Plan: Broadband Choice and Speed by Census Block

Key indicators of the availability of internet service choice and speed based on publicly available data from the Federal Communications Commission


<b>Data Limitations:</b> Data accuracy is limited as of the date of publication and by the methodology and accuracy of the original sources. The City shall not be liable for any costs related to, or in reliance of, the data contained in these datasets.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
BCTCB2010bctcb2010bctcb2010TextMerged string value of the BoroCode, census tract number, and census block number
NTA Codenta_codenta_codeTextFour (4) digit code assigned to neighborhoods to differentiate NYC's five boroughs; The first two letters of each code represent the borough the neighborhood is located in. The two letter abbreviation represents the following boroughs; MN = Manhattan, BX = Bronx, BK = Brooklyn, QU = Queens, SI = Staten Island.
NTA Namenta_namenta_nameTextNeighborhood name identifiers to differentiate NYC's five boroughs.
PUMApumapumaTextA Public Use Microdata Area, or PUMA, are geographic units used by the US Census for providing statistical and demographic information. Each PUMA contains at least 100,000 people.
Maximum Residential Broadband Speed by Blockmaximum_residential_broadbandmaximum_residential_broadbandNumberThe reported maximum advertised downstream speed/bandwidth offered by any provider in a census block for consumer service.
Residential ISP Count by Blockresidential_isp_count_byresidential_isp_count_byNumberThe number of residential broadband internet service providers reported to be available per census block.
BoroCodeborocodeborocodeTextSingle digit unique identifier of a borough; Boro code (1 = Manhattan, 2 = Bronx, 3 = Brooklyn, 4 = Queens, 5 = Staten Island)
BoroughboroughboroughTextThe Borough of New York City where the attribute or asset is located.
BlockCodeblockcodeblockcodeTextThe 2010 census block that the attribute or asset is located in or referencing.
OIDoidoidTextOrigin Identification Number.
GEO_IDgeo_idgeo_idTextGeographic identifier; GEOIDs are numeric codes that uniquely identify all administrative/legal and statistical geographic areas for which the Census Bureau tabulates data.
Commerical Fiber Count by Blockcommerical_fiber_count_bycommerical_fiber_count_byNumberThe number of commercial fiber internet service providers reported to be available per census block.

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