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License Revocations, Suspensions, Surrenders and Reinstatements

This dataset features DCA licenses that have been revoked, suspended, or surrendered as well as licenses that have been reinstated, if applicable.</br></p>

Licenses can be suspended or revoked for several reasons including, an order by the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings; non-payment of fines and/or fees; or not maintaining a license requirement such as a current driver’s license or insurance coverage.

Licenses are typically surrendered when a business closes, changes ownership, changes location, changes business name, or discontinues the activity that required the license.</br>

Licenses can be reinstated based on appeal of a revocation, expiration of a suspension, or new application after surrendering it.</br>

Each record in the dataset represents a time that a license was revoked, suspended, surrendered, or reinstated so a license can appear more than once.

This dataset can be linked to other DCA datasets using the DCA License Number column. This dataset cannot be linked to an administrative hearing decision or provide a specific reason for the change in status.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Business Name 2business_name_2business_name_2TextIf applicable, the Doing-Business-As (DBA) or trade name.
DCA License Numberdca_license_numberdca_license_numberTextAn identification number issued to businesses/individuals to operate legally for the duration of their license term or until the license is revoked.
StatusstatusstatusTextThe status of the license as of the data extract date; Active/Inactive
Event Typeevent_typeevent_typeTextIndicates if the license was suspended, revoked, surrendered, or reinstated; Suspended Revoked Surrendered Reinstated
Business Namebusiness_namebusiness_nameTextThe legal business name as filed with the New York State Secretary of State or County Clerk or, if an Individual license, the individual's first name and last name.
Event Dateevent_dateevent_dateCalendar dateDate when the license was suspended, revoked, surrendered, or reinstated.
IndustryindustryindustryTextThe category of business activity that requires a DCA license.
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