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Local Law 84 2019 (Monthly Data for Calendar Year 2018)

Local Law 84 2019 (Monthly Data for Calendar Year 2018)

Monthly whole building electricity and natural gas consumption data in privately owned buildings over 25,000 ft2 and in City-owned buildings over 10,000 ft2.

To understand more about full building characteristics and annual metrics, visit this <a href="">link</a> to view the annual water and energy consumption data set. Each property in these two data sets can be linked using the “Property ID” column, which serves as a key.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Natural Gas Use (kBtu)natural_gas_use_kbtunatural_gas_use_kbtuText
Property Nameproperty_nameproperty_nameText
Parent Property Idparent_property_idparent_property_idText
Parent Property Nameparent_property_nameparent_property_nameText
Property Idproperty_idproperty_idNumber
Electricity Use (kBtu)electricity_use_kbtuelectricity_use_kbtuText

Upstream Metadata