Lost Property Contact Information

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Lost Property Contact Information

This list contains lost item contact information on bases that are affiliated with TLC SHL/Boro and Yellow Medallion Taxicabs. For inquiries about the contents of this dataset, please email


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
License Numberlicense_numberlicense_numbertextMedallion License Number
NamenamenametextMedallion Owner Name
TypetypetypetextTLC License Type
DMV Plate Numberdmv_plate_numberdmv_plate_numbertextDMV Plate Number
Base Namebase_namebase_nametextBase Name
Base License Numberbase_license_numberbase_license_numbertextBase License Number
Base Phone Numberbase_phone_numberbase_phone_numbertextBase Phone Number
Base Addressbase_addressbase_addresstextBase Address
Base Websitebase_websitebase_websitetextBase Website
Last Updated Datelast_updated_datelast_updated_datecalendar_dateLast Updated Date
Last Updated Timelast_updated_timelast_updated_timetextLast Updated Time

Upstream Metadata