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NYC City Council Committee Membership

NYC City Council Committee Membership

The Council has numerous standing committees that practice oversight of New York City functions, including human services, infrastructure, and government affairs. Each committee is headed by a Council Member (the Chair), includes at least five members, and meets at least once a month. In addition, the Council has several subcommittees, which are convened to review and make recommendations regarding topics of particular interest.

After proposed legislation is heard by its appropriate Committee, it may be voted on and approved at that Committee. If the legislation is passed by Committee, is then sent to be considered by the whole Council. Council Members are assigned to committees through a process that the entire Council votes on.

The NYC City Council Committee Membership dataset is drawn from the City Council's legislative API and updated weekly. Committee membership by City Council Members changes infrequently. This dataset includes committee membership starting Jan 1, 2018.

Committee Descriptions:


More info and API Key for Legislative API:

Legislative API endpoints utilized for Committee Membership:

1){}&$filter=(BodyTypeName+eq+'Committee'+or+BodyTypeName+eq+'Subcommittee'+or+BodyTypeName+eq+'Land Use')+and+BodyActiveFlag+eq+1



NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
EndDateenddateenddateCalendar dateDate the Council Member ended or is projected to end membership on Committee; If the end date is in the future, the date is set to the end of the City Council session.
MemberActivememberactivememberactiveCheckboxThe Council Member currently has membership on the Committee. "TRUE" = Council Member currently has membership on the Committee "FALSE" = Council Member currently does not have membership on the Committee. Council Members move to different Committees, become Chair of Committees, or Committees cease to exists. In all those scenarios, if a Council Member was on a Committee at the beginning of the term, and their membership changes, then "MemberActive" would be "FALSE"
MemberTypeIdmembertypeidmembertypeidNumberCommittee Role for Council Member; 1= "Chairperson", 3 = "Committee member" or "Council Member" ie, not the Committee Chair; Each Committee has a "Chairperson" who heads the Committee. All other Council Members on the Committee are "Committee Member"s or occasionally, "Council Member". If a Council Person is a "Chairperson" for a Committee, they are not a "Committee Member" or "Council Member".
FullNamefullnamefullnameTextName of Council Member
TitletitletitleTextCommittee Role for Council Member; "Chairperson" or "Committee member"
CommitteeIdcommitteeidcommitteeidNumberID for Committee
CommitteeNamecommitteenamecommitteenameTextName of City Council Committee
Committee Activecommittee_activecommittee_activeTextThe Committee is currently active; "TRUE" = Committee is currently active "FALSE" = Committee is currently not active; Occasionally, an active Committee will cease to exist. In that scenario, "CommitteeActive" will read as "FALSE". The Committee may have existed at the beginning of the term and then ceased to exist by the end of the term.
VersionversionversionTextVersion ID for Record
LastUpdatedUTClastupdatedutclastupdatedutcCalendar dateDate and time record was last updated
StartDatestartdatestartdateCalendar dateDate the Council Member started membership on Committee
FirstNamefirstnamefirstnameTextFirst Name of Council Member
GuidguidguidTextUnique ID
LastNamelastnamelastnameTextLast Name of Council Member
IdididTextID for City Council Member Committee Membership for Single Committee
MemberIdmemberidmemberidTextUnique ID for Council Member

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