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NYC Condom Availability Program - HIV condom distribution locations

This is a list of over 325 venues, across the five boroughs that actively distribute free safer sex products. Product availability varies by venue. </p>

The NYC Condom Availability Program maintains a robust list of active venues where New York City (NYC) residents may access free safer sex products across all 5 boroughs of NYC. This list is updated through a variety of mechanisms supported by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC DOHMH). At minimum, different sub-sets of this dataset are updated monthly by several vetted DOHMH contracted agencies. Other subsets of this dataset are updated in real-time by NYC Safer Sex Portal users. This entire dataset is refreshed in OpenData on a daily basis.

This dataset shows where New York City residents can access NYC free safer sex products throughout the five boroughs. Each row represents pertinent information related to a single venue which distributes NYC safer sex products.

This data is collected and maintained to populate the NYC HealthMap ( and may be used by other safer sex product condom/lubricant locators or map publically available locations.

This dataset does not represent all locations which received orders of free safer sex products from NYC DOHMH nor have the listed venues locations been endorsed by NYC DOHMH. Furthermore, while the data is sourced from the NYC HealthMap there could be a lag between what is visible inside the HealthMap’s user interface and what is seen on OpenData. The NYC HealthMap is updated ~hourly while OpenData is updated daily. If there are data discrepancies between your export and what is seen inside OpenData’s “View Data” please clear your browsing history/cache and restart your browser.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
BuildingNumberbuildingnumberbuildingnumberTextDOHMH's NYC HealthMap field-- empty
WednesdaywednesdaywednesdayTextHours of Operation
SundaysundaysundayTextHours of Operation
MondaymondaymondayTextHours of Operation
FacilityNamefacilitynamefacilitynameTextThe name of the condom distribution partner
EndDateenddateenddateTextDOHMH's NYC HealthMap field-- empty
TuesdaytuesdaytuesdayTextHours of Operation
AddressaddressaddressTextFull street address of service location.
SaturdaysaturdaysaturdayTextHours of Operation
Census Tractcensus_tractcensus_tractNumberCenus tract number.
AdditionalInfoadditionalinfoadditionalinfoTextFree safer sex product location notes-- telling HealthMap users precisely where insdie the venue they may find safer sex products
ThursdaythursdaythursdayTextHours of Operation
Facility Typefacility_typefacility_typeTextDOHMH's NYC HealthMap field-- empty
PhonephonephoneTextPhone number of service location
Facility PKfacility_pkfacility_pkTextDOHMH autogenerated facility key ID.
Service Typeservice_typeservice_typeTextDOHMH's NYC HealthMap field.
PartnerTypepartnertypepartnertypeTextIndicates the type of organization the venue is. (See data dictionary for more detail)
Service Categoryservice_categoryservice_categoryTextDOHMH's NYC HealthMap field.
Address 2address_2address_2TextDOHMH's NYC HealthMap field-- empty
WebsitewebsitewebsiteTextWebsite of service location
Community Boardcommunity_boardcommunity_boardNumberNYC Community Board number
Council Districtcouncil_districtcouncil_districtNumberNYC City Council District Number
BINbinbinNumberNYC Building Identification Number
BBLbblbblNumberNYC borough, block and lot-- unique identifier for every property in NYC.
NTAntantaTextNeighborhood Tabulation Areas (formerly Neighborhood Projection Areas") created by NYC Planning.
LubricantlubricantlubricantCheckboxSafer sex product type; Yes= available. No= not available
FridayfridayfridayTextHours of Operation
StartDatestartdatestartdateTextDOHMH's NYC HealthMap field-- empty
PartnerTypeDetailedpartner_type_detailedpartner_type_detailedTextDependent picklist indicating further detail about the type of organizaiton the venue is.
ZipcodezipcodezipcodeTextZipcode of service location
BoroughboroughboroughTextBorough of service location
FC2 (Female/Insertive Condoms)fc2_female_insertive_condomsfc2_female_insertive_condomsCheckboxSafer sex product type; Yes= available. No= not available
Condoms (Male)condoms_malecondoms_maleCheckboxSafer sex product type; Yes= available. No= not available
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