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NYC Council Constituent Services

NYC Council Constituent Services

The dataset comes from CouncilStat, which is used by many NYC Council district offices to enter and track constituent cases that can range from issues around affordable housing, to potholes and pedestrian safety. This dataset aggregates the information that individual staff have input. However, district staffs handle a wide range of complex issues. Each offices uses the program differently, and thus records cases, differently and so comparisons between accounts may be difficult. Not all offices use the program. For more info -


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
DESCRIPTORdescriptordescriptorTextdescriptor is the more specific category designated by staff for the constituent casework.
UNIQUE_KEYunique_keyunique_keyTextUnique case number of the constituent casework.
ACCOUNTaccountaccountTextNYC Council District that created the casework, this may or not be the district that the constituent lives in. This is generated automatically.
OPENDATEopendateopendateCalendar dateDate the casework is created by staff.
COMPLAINT_TYPEcomplaint_typecomplaint_typeTextBroader category designated by staff for the constituent casework. complaint_type corresponds to NYC Council Legislative Committees.
CLOSEDATEclosedateclosedateCalendar dateClose Date is the date the casework was closed. A casework could be closed because the issue is resolved or because no further action could be taken.
COMMUNITY_BOARDcommunity_boardcommunity_boardTextCommunity Board of the constituent.
COUNCIL_DISTcouncil_distcouncil_distTextCouncil District of the constituent.
CITYcitycityTextCity of the constituent.
BOROUGHboroughboroughTextBorough of the constituent.
ZIPzipzipTextZip code of the constituent.

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