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NYC Permitted Event Information

This list contains information on approved event applications that will occur within the next month. Please note that Permitted Film Events only reflect those permits which will impact one or more streets for at least five days.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Event Agencyevent_agencyevent_agencyTextThis is the NYC agency that is considered the primary permitting agency for this event.
Police Precinctpolice_precinctpolice_precinctTextThis is the police precinct where the event is located
Community Boardcommunity_boardcommunity_boardTextThis is the Community Board where the event is located
Event Street Sideevent_street_sideevent_street_sideTextThis is the side of the street that the event will be held on if the location is a street
Event Locationevent_locationevent_locationTextThis is the location of the event
Event Boroughevent_boroughevent_boroughTextThis is the borough that the event will be held in
Event Typeevent_typeevent_typeTextThis is the type of event
End Date/Timeend_date_timeend_date_timeCalendar dateThis is the end date of this event. For most events this will be the breakdown time (I.e. the date/time where the applicant can still close the street or is dismantaling/cleaning components of the event)
Start Date/Timestart_date_timestart_date_timeCalendar dateThis is the start date/time of this event. For most events this will be the setup time (I.e. the date/time where the applicant has permission to begin closing the street or erecting components of the event)
Event Nameevent_nameevent_nameTextThis is the event name
Street Closure Typestreet_closure_typestreet_closure_typeTextThis is the type of street closure if the location is on a street
Event IDevent_idevent_idNumberThis is the event ID

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