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NYPD Use of Force: Members of Service

NYPD Use of Force: Members of Service

Dataset containing information related to NYPD Members of Service involved in Force Incidents.


The Threat, Resistance, or Injury (TRI) Report is the primary means by which the NYPD records use of force incidents. All reportable instances of force – whether used by a member of the Department, or against the member – are recorded on a TRI Report. Data provided here are a result of the information captured on TRI Reports. Each record corresponds to an NYPD member of service involved in a force incident. The data can be used to explore the various categories of force incidents and when and in which precinct they occurred. For any given incident, there may be one or more members of service involved. Since NYPD policy requires two-person patrols, most incidents will have at least two members. The data is used to populate the public facing Force Dashboard. (


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
AssignmentassignmentassignmentTextDuties member of Service was performing at the time of the incident. Please refer to data dictionary for detail
ForceTypeforcetypeforcetypeTextType of force employed by member of service; "Electrical Weapon, Firearm, Impact Weapon. OC Spray, Physical Force" Please refer to data dictionary for detail.
InjuryLevelinjurylevelinjurylevelTextLevel of Injury sustained by the NYPD member of Service. Please refer to data dictionary for detail.
Rank Groupedrank_groupedrank_groupedTextRank/title of the member of service involved in the incident
Member Gendermember_gendermember_genderTextGender of the member of service. Blank values occur if the member of the service completing the report leaves the “Gender” section empty; often the result of a complaint made by a member of the public in which an officer’s identity is unknown.
TRI Incident Numbertri_incident_numbertri_incident_numberTextInternal identifier for each report number
Member Injuredmember_injuredmember_injuredTextFlag (Y/N) whether member of service was injured
RaceraceraceTextRace of the member of service

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